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    Welcome to my profile page!
    Thank you very much for your time reading and checking my profile! ^_^

    Hiya! ^_^ I am top leader and owner of @Wellandel so my main job is doing management related stuff like contacting each member, planning for next tasks, running sessions for collaborations between members and departments, giving suggestions and point out mistakes and where our team members can improve. We are in the process to make "Learning Culture" to be a core part of Wellandel.

    The level and atmosphere of competitions of many Minecraft related teams these days are very stressful. There are over 100k of Minecraft servers out there. While you are having a chill and sipping black coffee and staring at texts on a book, other teams may be contacting new people and invite them to join the collaborations. Competitions are happening 24/7! Don't get left behind!

    I resigned from an IT company since April 9, 2018 and fully work on Wellandel as a full time job for now (no pay). Only a source of my income is from part-time job, it is doing Minecraft skins for any Minecraft marketplace teams that need them skins. I don't hope much about income for this unstable part-time job. I sometime don't have any income for months. So this part-time job is just for buying time for me to make Wellandel becomes successful. I heard that some entrepreneurs spent 4 years to work and no pay until they get business running and successful. It looks like there is a lot more to go for Wellandel to get to that point.

    I always believe the power of collaboration and everyone's personal interest and passion. It is like many different pieces of jigsaw that get assembled to make the perfect picture in a frame. That day when Wellandel become successful will eventually come!

    Besides management related tasks that I do everyday, I sometime research for ideas and concepts, I draw and code too. Oh, I love doing cooking too, Thai foods is my field!

    I feel the time is ticking very fast for me. However, I still make time to let me chat with anyone to share ideas and relax myself from stress. So if you don't mind and have time to talk or say hi to me, and if you are interested to do that so, then don't hesitate to do that! ^_^

    Have a nice day, take care!

    See our official project profile page of Wellandel!

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    • wldscarlet
      March 18, 2019, 12:08 am to Public
      We're recruiting game designers to design Wellandel.
      @Wellandel is an innovative story-driven #MMORPG in #Minecraft

      ● Project detail:
      ● Recruitment trailer:
      ● Join us:

      Own the success together!

    • wldscarlet
      March 5, 2019, 12:31 am to Public
      I'm looking for 2 game designers to work together on Wellandel. Hit me up if you have a spark of interest!
    • wldscarlet
      February 13, 2019, 2:40 am to Public
      If I make more skins and post them on PMC, then I will purposely make it for social purpose. I mean, I need fun. That's it.
    • wldscarlet
      February 12, 2019, 3:26 pm to Public
      I changed my account name from ScarletBox to wldscarlet. It is same name like my Twitter account.
    • wldscarlet
      February 12, 2019, 9:43 am to Public
      I'm wondering if you are tired of reading posts about my bad thoughts but now I feel like I am a garbage. I removed bio about myself on Twitter.
      Chabilulu said 2019-02-12 10:43:18
      ??! You're not garbage?? and even if you were, you'd be quality garbage?? recyclable??

      Purrfectionist said 2019-02-12 10:19:20
      You are never garbage. It's ok to tell us. It can help you a lot to just get it out and tell anyone.
    • wldscarlet
      February 12, 2019, 5:32 am to Public
      I'm no longer member of any Minecraft marketplace team.
    • wldscarlet
      February 3, 2019, 11:57 am to Public
      Please let me know what do you think about me.

      I have lost my self-esteem for long time. Well, I think I have never had it from start or realized about it. I would like to understand myself better. What is the value of myself?
      Zatharel said 2019-02-04 03:19:26

      haven't talked to you in a while because I'm not really active around here but when I was still here you made my stay a lot more enjoyable. I don't know you in real life, but you were always one of the people around here who seemed like a genuinely good person. I remember you always greeted everyone in chat and asked how their day was even if you didn't have the best of days yourself. Also you're really motivated to work on things you enjoy, I remember how passionate you were about your skins and that project thing you had going!

      you're awesome, please don't ever doubt that c:
      TexasFire said 2019-02-03 19:24:59
      You do really well on here and you shouldn't doubt yourself...try doing some self-care stuff, it helps
      Purrfectionist said 2019-02-03 12:33:19
      Your skins are amazing! :D and the progress updates about your server are also always amazing! :D
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    • wldscarlet
      January 9, 2019, 12:30 pm to Public
      Seriously, I'm looking for replacement of Building Department Manager. Anyone interested to be a candidate of this big role?

      Note Wellandel is long term project that includes making Wellandel Minecraft server, websites, merchandises (storybook, concept art book, etc.) and whatever thing if we capable of doing it.
      wldscarlet said 2019-01-18 08:44:03
      I can try to explain. Need a question to start doing it. :)
      Reploidsham said 2019-01-18 08:34:23
      I'm interested in learning what that entails. I tend to be kinda slow, though, so hopefully you're good at explaining.
    • wldscarlet shared PMC's post
      January 7, 2019, 4:03 am with Public
      January 6, 2019, 1:12 pm to Public
      Related image

      The Wall Post Weekly
      January 6th, 2019

      How is everyone's new year going so far? Did you set resolutions or goals for the year? Let's hear what they are!

      2018 was a big one for Planet Minecraft. We launched PMCSkin3D and added powerful features to it over the months. We added a Youtubers section, started hosting Official Events, began publishing a Wall Post Weekly, overhauled the website design, added advanced collection features, introduced seasonal site themes with PMC pets (Topper and Batty!), and most recently added an Activity Feed. In addition to these updates there were countless small improvements across the site which collectively evolved PMC this past year. A BIG thanks to all of you for your continued support. Together we’re a community to be proud of!

      We have many exciting plans for the upcoming year, which we're already developing behind the scenes.


      There are 4 days left to submit an entry to Momu's Skin Reshade contest, Holy Reindeer RC. Reshade contests are a great way to practice shading and get feedback!

      Peridot XJ9 is hosting another Pokemon themed skin collection contest! This one runs until January 12th,
      which is a little under a week away. Select a Pokemon from the Hoenn Pokedex and make a skin that resembles your chosen pokemon! Spygron's Animals Skin Contest also ends a week (January 13th). Create a skin of your favorite animal or your pet!

      LaurenAngels_ challenge, Skinning Dares for you to Try, has dozens of ideas to fuel your imagination. If you’re stuck in a creativity block, read over their list of challenges! We dare you!

      Other Contests and Events Ending Soon:
      Themed contestGemstone Skin Contest
      January 16
      Themed contestGalaxy Skin Contest
      January 20
      Reshade contestWho would you rather be?
      February 1
      Collection Competition
      The Collection Competition
      (Round 1) Jan 25

      For a complete list of Community Events and Contests, visit the Community Event Calendar!

      Interested in hosting your own contest but not sure where to start? Refer to this tutorial for an in-depth guide that will get you on the right track to hosting a successful contest or event!


      Bad news and good news. Bad news - due to how busy December was, PMC will not be hosting any official contests for the month of January. Good news, we will be focusing even more on promoting community hosted contests and events. We will be back on schedule in February. Use this month to support your fellow PMCer’s by participating in their events and contests.

      The Winter Wonderland Community Event has come to an end. We had a total of 536 entries! Yesterday we published the Winter Wonderland Event Conclusion. We're open to suggestions for future event themes! Head on over and let us know your ideas in the comment section!

      Congratulations to the winners of the Five Elements Skin Contest and thank you to everyone who participated. There were a variety of artistic representations of the five elements. Some represented individual elements while others represented all five elements. All of the entries can be viewed here.

      Cosmic hierarchy  (the horsehead nebula) Minecraft Skin
      Cosmic Hierarchy by Aspirin60 - 1st Place

      Top 3 in the Five Elements Skin Contest:

      1st Place Aspirin60 with Cosmic Hierarchy
      2nd Place ICY with Smartwater
      3rd Place CemreK with Fire of Eye


      PMC Member andyisyoda was featured on for their modern builds! You may know/recognize them from YouTube. The interview includes a blurb about his 20+ hour live stream which resulted in a house complete with tennis course and bowling lanes.

      wldscarlet is in search for artists and builders to work together with 18 other talented members on their Wellandel project, an immersive story-driven MMORPG. For more information about the Wellandel project and the application process visit their Blog!

      Sir_Arzie is celebrating their 100 YouTube Subscriber achievement with this epic build, Geisha 100 Men Slayer! They’ve included a download with this build! Congratulations on your milestone, Sir_Arzie!

      View original post
    • wldscarlet
      January 4, 2019, 12:09 pm to Public
      I'm looking for artists to work together on Wellandel project. If you are interested and capable of drawing like this, please let me know. Thank you!

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  • Wellandel Project (Now Recruiting)

    I have been working on Wellandel project together with 20+ people from around the world. If you have a passion or personal interests about any of these feel free to contact me to work together! Click here to see project thread post in forum.
    • Builder (Building, Organic, Terrain)
    • Artist (Sketcher, Digital Artist, Skinner)
    • Graphic Designer (Photoshop)
    • Writer (Story writer, quest designer, character/level designer)
    • Developer (Web developer, Plugin developer
    • Game Designer

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      The Light of Ocean Deep
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      Posted 06/19/2018
      by wldscarlet
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      Searching for Our Signal
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      Posted 09/25/2017
      by wldscarlet
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      Oon Oon Bacilus - Deep Space Taster
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      Posted 02/09/2017
      by wldscarlet
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      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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      Gladoore - The Runestone Merchant
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      Posted 11/28/2016
      by wldscarlet
      Format: 1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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      Kalzardeth - The Nightmare of Treasure Seekers/Adventures
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      Posted 06/18/2015
      by wldscarlet
      Format: 1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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      Ultimate Hydra - Sea Dragon
      100 diamonds
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      Posted 02/05/2015
      by wldscarlet
      Format: 1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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      F3455 - Abandonbot
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      Posted 11/30/2014
      by wldscarlet
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      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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      Posted 09/02/2014
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      Model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
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