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    Welcome to my profile page!
    Thank you very much for your time reading and checking my profile! ^_^

    Hiya! ^_^ I am top leader and owner of @Wellandel so my main job is doing management related stuff like contacting each member, planning for next tasks, running sessions for collaborations between members and departments, giving suggestions and point out mistakes and where our team members can improve. We are in the process to make "Learning Culture" to be a core part of Wellandel.

    The level and atmosphere of competitions of many Minecraft related teams these days are very stressful. There are over 100k of Minecraft servers out there. While you are having a chill and sipping black coffee and staring at texts on a book, other teams may be contacting new people and invite them to join the collaborations. Competitions are happening 24/7! Don't get left behind!

    I resigned from an IT company since April 9, 2018 and fully work on Wellandel as a full time job for now (no pay). Only a source of my income is from part-time job, it is doing Minecraft skins for any Minecraft marketplace teams that need them skins. I don't hope much about income for this unstable part-time job. I sometime don't have any income for months. So this part-time job is just for buying time for me to make Wellandel becomes successful. I heard that some entrepreneurs spent 4 years to work and no pay until they get business running and successful. It looks like there is a lot more to go for Wellandel to get to that point.

    I always believe the power of collaboration and everyone's personal interest and passion. It is like many different pieces of jigsaw that get assembled to make the perfect picture in a frame. That day when Wellandel become successful will eventually come!

    Besides management related tasks that I do everyday, I sometime research for ideas and concepts, I draw and code too. Oh, I love doing cooking too, Thai foods is my field!

    I feel the time is ticking very fast for me. However, I still make time to let me chat with anyone to share ideas and relax myself from stress. So if you don't mind and have time to talk or say hi to me, and if you are interested to do that so, then don't hesitate to do that! ^_^

    Have a nice day, take care!

    See our official project profile page of Wellandel!

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    • wldscarlet shared PMC's post
      July 31, 2020, 6:04 am with Public
      Oh my, oh my!
      July 30, 2020, 4:31 pm to Public
      Since launching PMCSkin3D, our skin editor has supported the creation of HD skins...

      Today, you can publish HD PLAYER skins to the PMC skins section!

      Check out Cyprezz's HD skin, Egyptian God of Horus!
      While they are listed alongside standard definition skins, they are easily identifiable and filtered using the "Format" filter. We support 128x128 resolution because it's officially supported by the Bedrock Edition.

      Besides the higher resolution, it's easy to identify HD skins by their isometric preview and label "HD Bedrock Minecraft Skin". HD skins can only be downloaded. We are unable to support remote change or papercraft.

      Game Version Support
      HD skins are officially supported by the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and unofficially supported in Minecraft Java Edition with the use of Optifine the MorePlayerModels mod.

      Note: If you've already published your HD player skins in a blog, you can republish them without taking down your blog. It's up to you.
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      Evoken said 2020-07-31 13:04:04
      Hell yeah! :)
    • wldscarlet
      July 16, 2020, 1:45 pm to Public
      My heart is broken. Let's start the chapter 2 of this great journey.
      wldscarlet replied to PlanetForger's comment below 2020-07-16 23:59:01
      PlanetForger said 2020-07-16 21:31:02
      you leaving Minecraft???
    • wldscarlet
      July 14, 2020, 3:49 am to Public
      Alright, now I'm officially 29 years old today. Planet Minecraft is one of the best communities. Thank you everyone for everything that has been making many great experiences, relationships, and warmth through out my 8 years membership in this community. Please remember that you all are special! ^_^
      wldscarlet replied to Cr4zyTayl3R's comment below 2020-07-16 02:36:25
      Thank you! XD
      Cr4zyTayl3R said 2020-07-15 23:59:33
      Happy late birthday! Thank you!
      wldscarlet replied to Auri's comment below 2020-07-15 06:19:40
      Thank you Auri! :DD
      Auri said 2020-07-15 01:58:39
      Happy birthday!
      wldscarlet replied to Captain_JEK's comment below 2020-07-15 00:48:31
      Haha, yeah time is always fast! Thank you anyway! <3
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    • wldscarlet shared Chabilulu's post
      June 5, 2020, 4:07 am with Public
      June 4, 2020, 2:09 pm to Public
      i made a ting i guess
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    • wldscarlet
      June 1, 2020, 4:27 am to Public
      Alright, now MCSkin Utility supports 128x128 skin resolution. Mirroring and merging parts can be done within a second.

      wldscarlet replied to Whiteout-'s comment below 2020-06-02 00:19:16
      I planned to release it publicly once it's enough good. Now it is not much comfortable because typing all things in command is quite painful.
      wldscarlet replied to FEX___96's comment below 2020-06-02 00:18:01
      Yes it is eclipse
      FEX___96 said 2020-06-01 10:46:36
      :thinking: eclipse
      Whiteout- said 2020-06-01 09:33:57

      is this a public thing?
    • wldscarlet
      May 29, 2020, 2:44 am to Public
      wldscarlet replied to Nitgo's comment below 2020-05-29 07:39:43
      Never thought of that lol
      Ahh... now I can't unsee that! XD
      Nitgo said 2020-05-29 05:33:07
      Oh no, lol. His skin looks like a mask.
    • wldscarlet
      May 28, 2020, 1:24 am to Public

      living_doodle replied to wldscarlet's comment below 2020-05-29 16:59:03

      Heck, I have to be honest, I probably felt more emotional with that movie than I did with Onward. I don't know why, I just did.
      wldscarlet replied to living_doodle's comment below 2020-05-29 01:24:17
      It's a really good movie!
      living_doodle said 2020-05-29 00:38:56
      dude I was just watching the movie yesterday wth
      good stuff though, I like your use of shading
      wldscarlet replied to Nitgo's comment below 2020-05-28 02:58:38
      wldscarlet replied to thealmightybirb's comment below 2020-05-28 02:58:30
      Yes, he's Carl Fredrickson but in the old version lol
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    • wldscarlet
      May 28, 2020, 12:55 am to Public
      living_doodle said 2020-05-29 00:39:50
    • wldscarlet
      May 25, 2020, 1:37 pm to Public


      It took 4 days and I finally finished my own Minecraft skin utility program to help me with mirroring and merging the parts and layers. This program should theoretical help me with saving up time for 30 - 60 mins each skin. I really hope that making skin pack will be a lot more fun from now.

      - Mirror any part (arm, leg or both arm and leg) from left to right and vice versa.
      - Merge overlay layer to base layer and vice versa
      - Support Alex and Steve models (and enough flexible to add more models too)

      Upgrading plan:
      - Add resolution calculation formula so it can support any higher resolution (128x128, 256x256, and more)
      - Add graphic user interface
      - Job automation (drag and drop the file to GUI then get the result)

      Left pic is the before and right pic is the after.
      Skin: My current using skin
      Credit for the previewer : MCSkin3D created by Paril
      Paril said 2020-05-27 18:15:11
      Nice! Keep in mind you can do this with PMCSkin3D too, technically, although it doesn't support the overlay. You can convert between single limb and separate limb versions.
      Whiteout- said 2020-05-25 14:44:42
      Gheppio said 2020-05-25 13:39:39
      Nice job!
    • wldscarlet
      May 20, 2020, 12:05 pm to Public
      Aye skinners, how do you copy left arm to right arm? What program do you use for copying? Or you just make skins in skin editor that has mirror feature on the website?

      I still use MCSkin3D but I copy parts in Photoshop. This is quite boring task. Please let me know if you have any tip. XD
      Paril said 2020-05-20 17:14:42
      If you use PMCSkin3D, you can use the "Simple" Steve/Alex skins to get implicit mirror, and then convert it to the full model with separate limbs.
      dreamCritting said 2020-05-20 12:38:46
      An Intelligent Moron said 2020-05-20 12:30:13
      mirror, or i just copy pixel by pixel
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