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    I'm 26 years old. I have trained more than one generation of builders.
    Since the release of minecraft, I have been working on improving my creative skills, so now I can say with confidence, that I have reached a really good level in this feild. On my way, I was helped by a lot of projects and servers that I managed to administer and participate in them. The most important contribution to my perfection was made by a fairly well-known builder known as SkShad (Ash), and his team (Inminecreation)(

    I specialize in creating maps or individual buildings for minecraft servers. In work, I prefer exceptional detail and realism than clumsy bulkiness.
    I always invest my soul in building and always care about the convenience of users. The greatest result I achieved in the terraform and calmly cope with a huge amount of monotonous work with him. I can build in most architectural styles as well as types of natural biomes, which allows me to fulfill any whim of the customer. I'im trying to improve my qualification regularly.
    I use advanced plugins to speed up my work (WorldEdit,VoxelSniper,FastAsyncWorldEdit) and also learn new ones.All this allows me to create unique projects and constantly improve myself.

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