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    im jae, im 18. being the coolest person ever is a full time job, but i so happen to make skins on the side.

    hobbies and interests
    -i get up at 4 on weekdays to go lift, fitness is the main thing i care about
    -fallout series, minecraft, terraria, halo, i'll play roblox during a blue moon
    -i paint sometimes
    -i have a souped up 1986 c10 and shes hot and the fastest truck i've ever seen. i love things with engines
    i listen to music 22 hours of the day and i listen to any genre you can name, im a strong believer that there's good music in every genre. but metal, 80s, rock, post punk, and alternative are my favourites. my spotify is gemlu if you want to stalk me

    band/artist recommendations
    fleetwood mac
    insane clown posse
    system of a down
    guns n roses
    mac demarco
    molchat doma
    chernikovskaya hata
    billy joel
    avril lavigne
    frank sinatra
    dolly parton
    tv girl
    peach pit
    jack stauber

    song recommendations
    boogie woogie wu by insane clown posse (my favourite rn)
    gimme chocolate by babymetal
    little lies by fleetwood mac
    talk dirty to me by poison
    duality by slipknot
    turn it up by ted nugent
    rain by rob scallon
    revvin' my cj7 by summer salt
    sledan v cccr by oleg gazmanov
    my dad is a war criminal/tata by baja mali knindza
    chorni boomer by seryoga
    spokoynaya nochi by kino
    you say i'm in love by banes world
    ms. led by jack stauber

    my mom says im good at making skins
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