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    -01-----Contact Info ?🐠
    - verylowmana
    Business Inquiries - DM
    MSS - Moon
    Skinseed -
    main: edamama
    Alt: catpawsu
    Any other concerns, or if you would like to chat - Send a letter to my inbox.

    -02-----Up for any of the above ?🦈
    Requests - Closed
    Trades - Closed
    Commissions - OPEN
    Suggestions are always welcome. If I like the idea, I might do it!

    -03-----What is it that you go by ?🐙
    Moon / Amethyst
    Minecraft: gloss
    Previous names: HoneyBunny, c h e r r i y

    -04-----About ?🐋
    02 (21) | She/Her | Been making skins for over 10 years.
    Marketplace experience 5 years

    Canada (PT) | Availability: almost always online, my responses are usually quick

    Some interests

    🐟 Hobbies - Digital art, Crochet, Gundam, Reading (manga & non-fiction), Gaming, Cooking
    Favorite games? Osu (catch: SailorSaturn), Cytus 2, Muse Dash, FFXIV, WoW, Animal Crossing, Raft
    Anime/Movies? Genre: Horror, Slice of Life, Comedy.

    Laid back camp, Konosuba, The Great Jahy Will Not Be Deafeated, Lucky Star, I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level.
    Some useful non-fiction art books i recommend if learning fundamentals!
    - Light for Visual Artists by Richard Yot
    🦑 This one is great because its not meant for any specific art medium/artist. You can apply what you learnt from it to anything. They explain why and how light/dark works without bias while only including scientific facts. (even how color interacts with light)

    -How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination by Scott Robertson
    🦪 Check out their other books! They are skilled at creating intricate designs like machinery, spaceships, vehicles.

    Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists by Joseph Sheppard
    🦞 There are a lot of anatomy books but this is geared towards artists. They mention facts that would be relevant to an artist that wants to learn about the body. Such as head length, landmarks, etc.

    - Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis
    🐬Their other books are highly recommended as well! all very informative. They can be a little overwhelming since its more technical than most, (specifically perspective) but once you understand the concept of what you are trying to learn, you can break it down from there, taking it at your own pace.

    - Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
    🐡 As I have mentioned above, Andrew Loomis covers perspective in his book "Successful Drawing" and that its quite complicated. If you would like something that is less technical, a little more simple I recommend this book if you have just started learning about perspective. They do an amazing job at simplifying the facts. The concepts like "high water mark" and "The eye level is level with the eye" makes it easy to remember what's important.

    🐠 Food -
    Curry buns! veggie buns! LOTSA BUNS! seafood, BBQ too - UGH my stomach is grOwling rn thinking about food fu-

    🦐 Random - I love anything that has to do with the sea, space, and anything that involves creativity.
    Favorite aesthetic? cyberpunk ofc. love me some anime girls in big mechs.


    But keep in mind, I DO NOT make skins for free.
    Requests are CLOSED.

    Depending on what kind of skins you make it can take a long time to finish. Personally skinning is a form of art (pixel art) and I don't appreciate being asked to invest my time into a piece that I'm not being paid for. Not only does it take time but a lot of effort.
    So ask yourself, would you want to work for free?
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    -05--- Hey, wait! before you go
    Thanks all for showing your support (´∀`)
    From viewing, commenting, subscribing, etc. To those of you who use my skins in game, thank you. favorite_border

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    • Moon's Avatar
      July 10, 2024, 3:29 pm to Public
      HD Miku WIP! 💙

      update: shes crying lmao

      gonna give her some different expressions!
      _bramble said 2024-07-13 19:27:53
      _bramble's Avatar
      this looks sick !!
      Kaos_Kitten said 2024-07-13 19:16:42
      Kaos_Kitten's Avatar
      This is so heccin cute :>
      TheGuyAcrossSpace said 2024-07-13 19:15:20
      TheGuyAcrossSpace's Avatar
      WOAH! This looks so cool and 3D and i love how the hair has a realistic reflection on it!
      WaffleWolf- replied to Moon's comment below 2024-07-10 18:42:36
      WaffleWolf-'s Avatar
      Ofc <3

      the hairstyle design the best I’ve seen
      ajthepeach said 2024-07-10 16:43:05
      ajthepeach's Avatar
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    • Moon's Avatar
      January 27, 2024, 6:35 pm to Public

      Beware of animal rescue videos on YouTube. A lot of people put animals in these cruel situations just to get clout. YouTube also monetizes these videos and makes money off them. This gives people the incentive to keep making them.

      Please report that kind of content, channels and do not feed into it.
      Moon said 2024-01-27 20:26:27
      Moon's Avatar
      Thank you for spreading awareness by sharing this post, also acknowledging this is an important issue by liking. ❤️
    • Moon's Avatar
      January 10, 2024, 2:11 pm to Public
      I crocheted a hat 😈
      inspired from Pinterest. Can’t find the original artist tho.

      WaffleWolf- said 2024-02-10 06:58:47
      WaffleWolf-'s Avatar

      What yarn n hook size did you use?
      Moon replied to pumpkinpvtch's comment below 2024-01-11 15:29:30
      Moon's Avatar
      thank you!!
      pumpkinpvtch said 2024-01-11 00:37:59
      pumpkinpvtch's Avatar
      so cool!
      Moon replied to Indraft's comment below 2024-01-10 15:00:08
      Moon's Avatar
      Unfortunately not since it’s my first time making a hat like this BUT
      I can give some advice! It’s not too hard to recreate.

      there’s this video on YouTube I followed and if you search up cat ear beanie crochet there’s one by “Meldy Crochet”
      She pretty much starts off with doing 75-80 chain stitches (Making sure it fits comfortably around your head). She then attaches both ends together with a slip stitch and does double crochets for maybe 10+ rows changing color whenever necessary.

      anyway you’re basically crocheting a rectangle LOL.

      there’s also another video that I followed for the bottom part of the hat. At the end she shows you how to shape the ears too. It’s by “Cherilyn Q”
      shes doing front and back post stitches for the hat. It’s called ribbing!

      BUT FROM MY EXPERIENCE, you might want to make the hat a bit bigger on your foundation chain if you’re going to do the ribbing. Mine was a bit tight. It might be my hook size but it’s something to be cautious about. I think you might also have to decrease the amount of rows if you’re going to add the bottom part. Depends on how long you want your hat.

      for the stars I also followed some YouTube tutorial called “studio vlog| star cat beanie tutorial, how to crochet a star, days in my life” by “jonvxco.
      I chose this one because a lot of the star tutorials are kinda complicated and some have ugly gaps in the middle LOL but she does a good job of making a perfect star while also simplifying the process.

      for the strings i chained around 70 (depends on how long you want them) and single crocheted back around to the start.

      hope that helps a bit! I just followed a bunch of random crochet tutorials and mashed them together to create this hat LOL
      Moon replied to Spongie's comment below 2024-01-10 14:41:44
      Moon's Avatar
      THANK YOU! ❤️
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    • Moon's Avatar
      December 26, 2023, 12:13 am to Public

      Ash Silvershade said 2023-12-26 01:27:44
      Ash Silvershade's Avatar
      Ahhh!! so cute!!
      pumpkinpvtch said 2023-12-26 00:18:57
      pumpkinpvtch's Avatar
    • Moon's Avatar
      December 14, 2023, 6:41 pm to Public
      Just created a Twitter & Instagram. I hope to be active and post my content onto those platforms.

      I will be uploading exclusive art to both so its not always going to be re-uploads.

      If anyone would like to check them out, I would love to follow/like back! ^-^

      Twitter HERE
      Instagram HERE

      A preview of what I have uploaded so far -
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