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    -=Greetings! Welcome to my profile=-

    My name is KingAsiimov and I've been crafting ever since 1.7.2 back in 2013!
    ο»Ώο»Ώο»ΏI am currently in my last year of school doing my final year of A-Levels before I depart for University in the fall of 2020. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Do not hesitate to DM me :)

    Join PLAY.ESCONTA.MY for a new and unique Minecraft experience!

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    star Esconta Network BETA RELEASEstar

    [EmpireWars | Survival | Murder Mystery | Friendly | Community-Based]

    Network IP:
    Website: https://www.esconta.myο»Ώ
    [Version 1.8-1.14.4+]
    Newly opened! Get in while it matters!
    Free PREMIUM ranks!!!

    Server Features
    🌟New EmpireWars Gamemode!
    🌟 Murder Mystery (Garry's Mod Rendition of Murder)
    🌟 Online 24/7 - ALWAYS!
    🌟 Plenty of game modes, and MUCH more to be added as we grow!
    🌟 Protected from all server attacks on an amazing host!
    🌟 Tons of updates and maintenance to keep the server fun smooth!
    🌟 Always looking for experienced staff members as we grow!

    EmpireWars Features
    🌟 A Plugin like never before!
    🌟 Create your own kingdom, rule the land!
    🌟 Join or create an empire for protection or stay neutral and form alliances!
    🌟 Biggest kingdom in an empire is the capital and the leader's crowned the emperor!
    🌟 Battle to rule the world of Esconta!
    🌟 Promote and demote your friends from a peasant to a successor to the throne!

    Survival Features
    🌟 1.14.4 - ALWAYS up to date to make sure we keep Minecraft features!
    🌟 PvP - A player VS player arena where you can risk your best gear for more!
    🌟 Economy - Several CUSTOM written plugins to make an advanced economy.
    🌟 Player Shops - Start up a store and build your empire!
    🌟 Guilds - Build a party with you friends, store items and cash, and play!
    🌟 Pets - Multiple different ways to obtain pets.
    🌟 Custom Items - Tons of custom items tailored for the players!
    🌟 MUCH MORE!

    Join Esconta Now!
    Form a new Minecraft Community!

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    Recently, I have decided to start a new Minecraft server with the main goal of forming a good community of players. It is home mainly to the Empire Wars plugin. We also house Murder (a rendition of Gary's Mod MURDER).

    We plan to release Alpha when we recieve a certain goal of donation! Our goal is to form a community that effectively allows players to easily make friends and bond through the game.

    We need everyone to contribute and turn this to a massive hub server for the community. Do not hesitate to join and be a part of this community!

    Server IP:

    Esconta Network (Our website)
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