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    This is my profile, if you couldn't tell. ( I have provided a link, incase you actually cannot tell ) ... Feel free to click around anywhere to explore. Ow, not there. Just kidding, I can't feel anything. That is some of the world class humour you can expect when subscribing to my page.

    If I could have dinner with one figure from history, living or dead, I would make sure to get separate checks so I don’t get hosed for stuff I didn’t order.
    . . .

    I made this pixel art some time ago; hope you guys like :  r/KeanuBeingAwesome

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      July 2, 2022, 3:33 pm to Public
      Me again,

      I hope everyone grieving Technoblade's death is doing alright, just know things will get better. Best wishes to both his friends and family.

      Consider donating to the Sarcoma Foundation of America or through his Merch store, which, if I understand correctly, profit will go directly to his family. (P.S. Releasing merch that says "GG EZ "... What a guy.)

      So long Technoblade, GG
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    get lost

    Let's say, hypothetically, I were to make skins.
    And based on that hypothetical, I were to charge prices for them.

    These would be the hypothetical prices I would charge;

    - 8 EUR for a full skin
    - 5 EUR for just an outfit
    - 5 EUR for a reshade
    - 5 EUR for a base

    I might, hypothetically speaking of course, raise these prices at some point.
    I think I need to improve first, though... Maybe one day.
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