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    This is my profile. If you couldn't tell. ( I have provided a link, incase you couldn't tell.)
    Feel free to click around anywhere to explore. Ow, not there. Just kidding, I can't feel anything.
    That is some of the world class humour you can expect when subscribing to my page.

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    If I could have dinner with one figure from history, living or dead, I would make sure to get separate checks so I don’t get hosed for stuff I didn’t order.
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    My name is Knot, and I make Minecraft skins. Before you ask, yes, my mom is very proud of me.

    I have a Ko-Fi! There's occasionally a few things of mine on my shop over there, maybe take a gander and see if anything piques your interest. I'm also mentioning this because there's a lot of stuff in my gallery there that I don't post here on PMC. Mainly commission work.

    Speaking of which, my commissions are currently closed.

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