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    Angel Isle was a minecraft server i have been running for 7 years!

    During that time i have accumulated large amount of knowledge, skills and assets on this server. Currently i am running 1.8.9 and have over 50 different plugins + own code with quests and special helper scripts.
    Server spawn
    Angel Isle spawn

    This server has gone through various transformations but the core world- the Angel has been unchanged since day one! everything that everyone has ever built past years is still there. Some of the towns have been turned into museum. Also the old spawn is accessible via /warp oldspawn.

    Most importantly Angel Isle was only fully accessible after filling an app on website . This is to keep server incident free as i am not always available to deal with braindead people who would just love to watch the world burn.
    App is simple and should get you in with minimal quirks. Validated email address is must.

    Angel Isle contained 3 parallel games. Survival, Skyblock and Vanilla. Every one of those can be progressed simultaneously while still communicating with others in other games. You can also just stop doing vanilla and go to skyblock and go back to vanilla where you left on in seconds.
    There are 6 worlds on Survival. Angel 1.6, Arien 1.7, North custom pvp, AngelSpawn (empty world with floating islands), Nether and End,
    There was only 1 world on Skyblock - the Skyisland. It contains floating island spawn for fishing, parkour and shop. Rest is player islands.
    Vanilla contained 3 worlds- Gwen, Gwen-nether and Gwen-end. You cannot leave nether and end via teleports.
    You can visit all world portals at portal mountain using fireplace from spawn or by typing /warp build.
    Spawn content is interactive
    All spawn content is interactive

    You could protect your property on survival by buying a town for 15k. However it is not a paramount. Due to application based approach server rarely ever gets malicious activity. And it all can be quickly rolled back if it happens, bringing damaged builds back to full beauty.
    You can and should lock all your chests using signs that you attach to the chest. Clicking chest with sign protects it automatically.

    Currently Angel Isle is down. No new applications will be accepted until i have came back with the new Angel Isle.
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