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    Start: August 2020
    Hello and welcome to my page! I make my own skins, often based on my many interests including DC, video games, Pokemon (just to name a few).
    I also make my own characters which are often entries to different competitions.
    I've decided that I'm not comfortable with people editing and uploading my skins even if they credit, so just don't edit them pls :(

    DISCLAIMER: I am much more active on Skindex so may not respond immediately on PMC, apologies in advance

    You may also contact me on discord for commissions: Lam#0153

    I hope you enjoy what I make and here are some ideas I have planned :D
    - Zuko / Katara
    - Bucky Barnes / Captain america (sam)
    - strawberry shortcake series
    - winx club series
    - batgirl
    - spyro onsies
    - mario series
    - sonic series?
    - Subwaysurfers series?
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