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    hey, my name is benvy- i'm in love with ian ♥
    you can kinda find out where i've gone in this update..
    l o v e . y o u r s e l f . f i r s t ♡
    some skinners will upload a skin that they're really proud of, but take them down in the matter of minutes due to a change of feelings. i don't think i've ever really gotten to this point with my art or submissions, but i think i've lost interest with skinning and basically art in general. i do try to re-make old skins of mine from time-to-time and try to make personas, but i always think of my art as mediocre. with this update i'm not trying to make this a sob story or beg for sympathy from others, i think the only point i'm trying to get across is that skinning and uploading makes me unhappy because i'm always trying to have the approval of others which has been very important for me not just for art but my life in general.
    i don't think this is healthy at all, so i'll be back on a hiatus once again--

    thank you so much for the support throughout the years,
    benvy xoxo

    I N S T A G R A M :
    b e n v y e m i k o

    D E V I A N T A R T :
    l e t h e n i a

    S K Y P E :
    s t i l l b u r g e t t a

    D I S C O R D :

    b e n v y # 9 1 8 0

    F E E L I N G S :
    r o l l e r c o a s t i n g

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    • Lethenia
      May 2, 2017, 7:11 pm to Public
      okay, so right when i get back to making skins theyre being stolen and posted on another website (i.e watermark removed, filter added). i dont even want to post these skins since they were private personas but??????????? so yeah okay thanks. ask before you take my stuff or




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