• Who is "LitteratusBellātŏr" ?

    Allow me to briefly introduce myself :

    I am a young man born in France who enjoys politics, litterature, philosophy, History & video games, such as Minecraft.

    In a not-so-distant future, I will upload a Minecraft Java map called "Résidence de Mandarin - 儒家学者的居所", which means : Residence(s) of Confucian scholar(s).

    The creation of this Minecraft map is the result of the pleasure I had reading a great Chinese Novel coming from their National Classic Literature : 儒林外史 (Pronounced : Rulin waishi) - Unofficial History of Confucian Scholars.

    I can only encourage you to check out what this novel is about and even better, to start reading it.

    For those unaware, the man that is on my profile picture is Charles de Gaulle, one of the 20th century greatest men and a saviour of France.

    I am fully open to any questions or remarks, a "Guest Book" is at your disposal as well as my Discord ID.

    Bonne journée camarades.

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