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    As a builder and fantasy nut, most of what I do in Minecraft is creating intricate cities and builds that have some lore and history to them. I primarily build in the World of Silversun, a small whitelisted survival Minecraft server with a strong fantasy theme. While not every project I post here might be built on this server, most of it will be. I generally only build in survival and love the challenge of collecting resources regardless of the effort it might cost. My dwarven friends on the server tend to be very helpful and tend to spoil me in sharing their riches.

    In the World of Silversun, we specialize in building a world of medieval towns and cities, Dwarf fortresses, and wizard towers, castles, Caravels, and dragons. We are builders first and we believe in collaboration. We seek to make our world a consistent, immersive jewel box that has a narrative and it's own internal logic. The third age of Silversun has recently dawned and new lore and history is being written. (http://worldofsilversun.enjin.com)
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