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      There was such a long gap between my pack updates that some may have questioned it. I have been spending my time working on a Origins Minecraft Server called ShatterFalls. I have been busy building a modpack, world, and programming Origins for players to enjoy. I just recently found that I can add some of my packs to the Server and have them for cosmetics and such. If you care to see what's up, come join us and experience Origins!
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     HI! I'm new to this whole programming thing but I hope that I get better so I can make some awesome things! I've been playing Minecraft since I was about 12 and over the years I have slowly come to realize that it's one of it not my Favourite game. For years my friends and I would play with mod packs and we would talk on and on about how we wish we could make some things better or add our own ideas. I would always say to whomever suggested the idea, "Go learn how to make it, I'm sure its not too hard!" I would tend to get something similar back and only now after years, have I finally taken my own advice. Since I don't have openGL 3.0 on my current system I can't play 1.17+, after playing bedrock and having access to the new generation and mechanics, I was very frustrated that I didn't have Raw Ores in 1.16.5. Spending a few hours checking everywhere I could think of on the internet and not finding ANY 1.16.5 Raw Ores Data Packs, I finally got fed up and quoted the Mad Titan himself, "Fine, I'll do it myself." I found a Joy in coding that I never really thought existed. I plan to make plenty more Packs in the future and you all have my word, each one will be better than the last!
    If you like the work I do and wish to support me you can do so at my Patreon

    If you want to see me stream (I swear I'm not interesting) Come follow me on Twitch

    I also have the YouTube Channel for my VODs here at, m0thVODs
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