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  • 💜Hello!💜

    Just to let you know, I am not the real Aphmau.
    You may know me as TacoKitty!
    This is my fan acc :)
    ily sooooo much aph!
    go subscribe to aphmau's channel!
    Here, I will be making aphmau fanskins!

  • 💟Aphmau-about🐱

    1.Aphmau posts almost everyday, in the evening. She posts new videos around 4-5!
    2. Aphmau's real name isn't aphmau. It's Jess!
    3. Aphmau has a husband, and four kids.
    4. I know Aphmau has a cat and a dog, but I just don't know how many XD
    5. Aphmau IS an adult.
    ⬇️Fun facts, if u didn't already know these ⬇️
    Chris is SUPER annoying XD
    you don't want to push his buttons, or he'll push yours XD
    Chris also gets his house blown up a lot XD
    They do use mods for their videos
    Aphmau has more than one YT (YouTube) channel!

    Okay, enough of my facts XD

  • Aphmau on Youtube

    Subscribers: 10,100,000
    Videos: 3,560

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