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    MassiveCraft is a long-running network of servers dedicated to the ultimate player experience! Join a faction and carve out your base playing survival for high-stakes faction wars. Or create a character and weave a story on the main streets of Regalia, MassiveCraft’s Roleplay hub, using our constantly growing universe of unique lore. We have over thirty plugins that enhance gameplay, custom worlds, and a welcoming community just waiting for you!

    Factions: The Original Home of Factions

    Roleplay: Extensive and detailed RP in the Server Captial

    Questing: Hours of Adventure on Quest Islands

    PvP: Intense McMMO enhanced battles

    Lore: Server Lore that is always interactive and expanding

    Community: A welcoming and friendly international player base

    Forums: Intensely collaborative forum environment

    Custom Worlds: Handcrafted landscapes with endless possibilities

    Custom Plugins: Over 30 plugins current plugins to improve gameplay

    Friendly Staff: Ticket System to help with all your needs

    Join MassiveCraft today, and find what you’ve been missing!

  • The New World Pub!

    Walking into the tavern is easy, finding a conversation to engage in is not. Not all of us have pre-arranged Roleplay that we can enjoy, indeed it takes time when joining the server to establish a network of friends or regular contacts that can allow consistent Roleplay in and around Regalia. The Golden Willow Tavern is a hotspot for Roleplay and whilst it is bustling with characters in conversation it can be difficult to understand how or when to join an ongoing interaction, along with the added concern that some people are less approachable than others or may not want to be interrupted. These issues have plagued us all at one point or another during our time on Massivecraft but these problems have now been offered a solution.

    The New World Pub or ‘hugbox’, is a new location only a stone’s throw from the Golden Willow entrance and offers a specific answer to the concerns one might have when wanting to engage in Roleplay. The Pub is specifically for people looking to meet new players and characters which means that there are plenty of individuals waiting around for a conversation and ongoing interactions that you feel no pressure joining in.

    The single-floor space, styled similarly to the Golden Willow with a collection of booths and tables allows small or larger groups to proliferate and provides the perfect area for private conversations or welcoming groups. Whether you are looking to speak with someone one-to-one, or to engage in a group discussion, the Pub is designed to facilitate both. I have seen plenty of occasions where a two-person conversation has developed into a group of eight or more people, all arriving as individuals but feeling comfortable enough to engage with the larger group, which can sometimes be hard to do in the Golden Willow.

    My favourite aspect is that whilst the New World Pub was designed to facilitate introductory or more welcoming Roleplay, perhaps specifically for new players or characters, it is a really refreshing location to attend as an experienced Roleplayer with an already well established character. The variation of stories and conversations to be had is endless and you can escape falling into the accidental habit of Roleplaying with the same people over and over again. This creates a really nice mixture of new and seasoned players, all looking for a conversation with someone new.

    In summary, the New World Pub is the perfect location to get either yourself into friendly Roleplay without the concern of having to interrupt an existing group to have conversations with new people or to allow your character to meet new people willing to welcome them into an interaction. I highly recommend checking it out, you will definitely find someone of interest in there and all you have to say is ‘Hello’.

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  • Weekend Roundup: Oct 13-15, 2017

    Weekend Roundup

    October 13th - 15th, 2017

    Roleplay Events

    The Cirque du Noir - 10/28/17 - 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST

    The Tower of Rie: An Opera Performance - 10/13/17 - 8pm GMT/ 3pm EST

    Terror and Madness in the Sewers - 10/14/17 - 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST

    A Viridian Dueling Tournament - 10/15/17 - 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST

    Feast of the Fallen - 10/16/17 - Midnight GMT/ 7pm EST

    Faction Events

    Alliances Made and Broken

    Great Houses Lore Canonization

    A Crisis of Kings - October 7th

    Minigame Events

    Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!

    /c join e


    KOTH runs every three hours!

    7, 10, 1, 4 o’clock AM/PM EST

    12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock AM/PM GMT

    MassiveCraft Competitions

    Questing Competition

    News to Catch Up On

    The MassiveCraft Halloween Festival is Coming! Get Ready!

    Halloween Faction Event! PvE and Halloween Spooks!

    Factions and Server Management Update - Read Up!

    Changes to Kill/Maim Perms in Roleplay

    Updates to the Schools of Medicine and Leadership!

    Geography Lesson! Lore updates to the Republic of Califaera, Territory of Mooriye, and Territory of Al-Alus

    Have A Massive Weekend!




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