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    MassiveCraft is a long-running network of servers dedicated to the ultimate player experience! Join a faction and carve out your base playing survival for high-stakes faction wars. Or create a character and weave a story on the main streets of Regalia, MassiveCraft’s Roleplay hub, using our constantly growing universe of unique lore. We have over thirty plugins that enhance gameplay, custom worlds, and a welcoming community just waiting for you!

    Factions: The Original Home of Factions

    Roleplay: Extensive and detailed RP in the Server Captial

    Questing: Hours of Adventure on Pack ISle

    PvP: Intense McMMO enhanced battles

    Lore: Server Lore that is always interactive and expanding

    Community: A welcoming and friendly international player base

    Forums: Intensely collaborative forum environment

    Custom Worlds: Handcrafted landscapes with endless possibilities

    Custom Plugins: Over 30 plugins current plugins to improve gameplay

    Friendly Staff: Ticket System to help with all your needs

    Join MassiveCraft today, and find what you’ve been missing!


  • Regalia V5: Familiar Sights!

    Another teaser for Regalia v5, this time showcasing some familiar locations that won’t be going away!

    Park Tower Build!


    You don’t have to say goodbye to everything on the current map! A newer but picturesque build, the park tower returns to offer some brand new views. It is surrounded by an accompanying park and clearing, suitable for quieter roleplay or simply to look out over the city. One of many stunning spots to discover for yourself.

    Golden Willow Tavern!


    The much loved tavern and roleplay hub will be back for Regalia v5 in all its glory. A perfect location to get your bearings and meet your friends before exploring the rest of the city. The gambling den and noble lounges have returned as well, meaning little has changed when it comes to the popular destination.

    Bathhouse Galore!


    Back in a brand new form comes the bathhouse, ready to greet you on Regalia v5. Enjoyed by nobility and common folk alike, the location allows for some relaxing roleplay away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. A fantastic build with whole new surroundings that should definitely be sought out in the future.

    Hidden Dragon Debauchery!


    Another roleplay hub already has a presence on the new map with a brilliantly designed new look. The Hidden Dragon returns to offer a whole manner of services to the denizens of Old Town, perfect for events, gatherings and impromptu roleplay. Definitely worth checking out when the time comes.

    Regalia Returns...

    Whilst the new map will be offering a whole host of new sights and experiences, not everything will be unfamiliar to current and old players. Familiar locations will be waiting in their original or a completely improved form, ready to be explored and rediscovered. Many memories have already been created in Regalia, but soon it’s time to make some more.

    The road to Regalia v5 has only just begun, so keep your eyes open for more to come!

    Hang in there, Massive Community.

    Regalia v5 coming soon..
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      Calling all Factions lovers! We have made a couple changes to the factions worlds and would love for you all to take a peek!

    • massivecraftcom
      April 4, 2018, 8:16 pm to Public

      Abusement Park

      Abusement Park Grand Opening Celebration

      Summer Festival Starts - July 6, 306 AC

      We would like to welcome you, dear player, to explore the latest iteration of the “Abusement Park”. A MassiveCraft tradition spanning five years, Mysterious Dr. Fong’s famous cursed amusement park is now in its fourth incarnation and ready to entertain you.

      This time, the Abusement Park has come back to Regalia! Roleplay in a fantasy carnival setting with slightly dangerous and macabre attractions. Delight in discovering the park’s many strange mysteries and hidden easter eggs.

      The Abusement Park has been handcrafted for your entertainment by a team of 10,000 maniacs over the last nine months. Each block has been placed with your abusement in mind. We have packed many secrets, hidden dungeons, riddles, parkour, etc. into the Abusement Park. We hope you and your friends will be able to visit the park many times, finding something new on each visit.

      Now on to the main event!

      Abusement Park Mini Games:

      Shoot the targets: There are twenty-four targets hidden throughout the Abusement Park. Can you find them all and shoot each one with an arrow?

      Find the treasures: There are twenty-four treasure boxes hidden throughout the Abusement Park. Can you find them all?

      Solve the murders: There has been a murder! Actually, there have been a whole bunch of murders. Find the ghastly crime scenes and see if you can deduce how the victim died.

      Unlock the secret doors: There are four secret passwords hidden in the Abusement Park. Each one unlocks a new secret area to explore within the park behind a color coded door. Can you find them all?

      Finding all four secret passwords will unlock all four chambers leading to the highly secretive Regalian Adventure Club Lounge.

      Current Attractions:

      Danger-Go-Round: Why would someone build this? Spin around the track with a friend and try to dodge the dangerous hanging obstacles.

      “The Inferno” Roller Coaster: Sadly, this massive roller coaster has been out of order since part of it collapsed, killing a family of Elves. Ride what’s left at your own risk. Please do not leave your minecart during the ride.

      Midway Games: So many games and prizes it boggles the mind. Try your hand at the various carnival games. Collect tickets and trade them for prizes at the Prize Shack!

      Clown Racing: The Abusement Park is home to an underground clown racing circuit. Not much information is available about this unusual sport.

      Lava Dunk: Drop one of our unpaid interns into a vat of steaming hot magma piped in from one of many geothermal anomalies located under the Abusement Park.

      The Oracle: (requires an operator present) It is cursed to tell you the absolute truth. You may not like what you hear.

      Pachinko Machine: (requires an operator present) Bounce the slime ball around the posts to win a prize. The player wins a prize on blue or purple.

      Dr. Fong’s Patented Love Test-o-meter: (requires an operator present) Use the power of “technology” to find your love connection. A small fee may be charged to pay for testing materials.

      Aerialist DJs Eel-Man & the BABY: They fly through the air with the greatest of beats. Dance the night away or at least until BABY’s bedtime.

      Themed Vending: These whimsically themed booths offer delicious treats and fascinating souvenirs for sale. All of the profits from these sales go towards encouraging local Regalian business.

      Cages of Freaks: Trick and trap your friends into the various “freak cages” scattered around the park. Each one has a hidden entrance that can be activated to capture an unsuspecting victim.

      Big Top Bar: Take a break and get yourself a foamy beer or a bowl of steaming noodles. The brave will enjoy the hanging “acrobat booths” swinging high above the bar.

      The Main Stage: You never know what type of performance will appear on the main stage. Will it be a magician? Could it be a mime trapped inside an invisible box? Apply for a performers license and it could be you!

      The Great Wheel: A slow moving, romantic ride, the Great Wheel offers some of the best views in the park. Large spiders have taken over some of the top supports. Their webs are a great place to try out the webfly trait.

      The Hall of Heads: The famous mask collection of the Mysterious Dr. Fong is now on display here in the Hall of Heads. Mysterious Dr. Fong is always looking to buy, sell, or chop player heads to better the collection.

      FongCo© Market: Buy, sell or trade your FongCo© collectible products. New products are released occasionally through our multi-level marketing dealer system.

      The Ice Caves: Plunge into the icey labyrinth and see if you can complete the maze. Your friends can watch you struggle from outside. Please don’t feed the penguins.

      Elytra Course: Fly our airship high into the sky and then soar on your Elytra through the colorful hoops. Do you have the aeronautical skills to complete the course? The warp to the beginning of the Elytra course is located near the front gates of the park to allow for quick repeat entry.

      Besides the main course, the entire Abusement Park has been designed with Elytra flight in mind. There are hoops and secret challenges everywhere!

      Bumper Boats: Rocket around the lagoon dodging obstacles in your very own wooden rowboat. Sharks will try to sink you to the bottom.

      Miniature Golf: Like regular golf, but small and fantastic. Throw your chosen ball from hole to hole counting your strokes. Can you get a lower score than your friends while avoiding the obstacles?

      Explosion Therapy Medicine Show: (requires an operator present) Strap in for the latest in medieval healthcare. A small fee may be charged to pay for the explosives.

      Drown the Clown: Dump freezing cold water onto the head of one of our unpaid interns. How long will they be able to last? Do you have the guts to find out?

      The Grotto Room: Cool off in our romantic underground Grotto Room. Sip a cocktail and listen to the gentle music while you relax from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the park. Do look out for sharks.

      Fongkey Kong 1 & 2: In this experimental attraction, you and a partner will play the game together. Player one runs the course while player two operates the controls. Can you help your partner reach the finish line or will you end their journey entirely?

      Regalian House of Ooze: Jump your cares away! Worries for another day! Jump your cares away! Regalian House of Ooze!

      The Wild Wurm Coaster: A small and nauseating coaster. Try not to throw up as you spin around and around. Strange symbols flash past as you do your best not to lose your mind.

      Dr. Fong’s Attic Adventure: Ride a cart through a replica of various Fong Manors from past maps and versions of Regalia. Search for the proper button to continue your journey. Don’t cheat or bad things might happen. If you have discovered the Gold Member password you can visit Mysterious Dr. Fong’s most inner-office on the final stop of your journey.

      The Tower Parkour Deluxe: Designed to frustrate the non-expert, only the most nimble will climb their way to the top of this tricksy tower.

      The Under Park: Who knows what dangers lurk deep in the heart of the Abusement Park? The clowns know. There are many more attractions hidden down below, but we aren’t going to tell you about them right now. Explore at your own risk.

    • massivecraftcom
      January 27, 2018, 10:52 pm to Public
      Valentine Quests!

      To celebrate the season of love, the Quest Department has released a few Valentine's quests! You can find them at the Noble Manor in Warrenord. (x1464 z1464)

      But because the Quest staff is really feeling the love, you can get to them quickly by heading to /tp ValentineQuest

      A Poem Says It All

      A mysterious love letter has been left incomplete on a table! It's up to you to finish it and deliver it to it's recipient, whoever that may be. Love is clearly in the air, so you better deliver it quickly! Start this quest by clicking on the Quest sign above the enchantment table inside the manor!

      Chocolate Valentine Pt. 1: The Chocolate Cake

      Noble William of Warrenord wants to present his love the most exotic cake in the land! But by hiring a mage to do the job, he bought more than he bargained for and now his manor is a mess! This is a longer quest that'll have you growing magical chocolate trees and defending giant ovens. Talk to Noble William to start this quest!

      Chocolate Valentine Pt. 2: The Cave of Chocolate Horrors

      There are drawbacks to using too much magic, like the release of horrible monsters. In the second part of this questline, you will need to clean up after the mess created by Master Charles, the mage who was hired by William. Fight your way down their lair and defeat the big bad at the end!

      Completing all these quests will net you a moderate amount of regals, as well as a few lovely lore items!

      Thanks for participating in our quests! Have a Massive Day!
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  • Weekend Roundup November 2nd-4th!

    Roleplay Events:

    The Autumpne Ball: 11/03/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 7:00pm EST

    The Daendroqin Society Of Regalia Gala: 11/04/2018- 9:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm EST

    Stay tuned to Event and World chat and keep your eyes peeled in Discord for some impromptu events that are sure to happen!

    Faction Events:

    Faction Events Assistance

    Host an Event of your Own!

    Server News to Catch Up:

    With the spookiness out of the air the winds speak whispers of first snow....

    Lore and Wiki Updates:

    Weekly Changelog | Week 43 Year 2018

    Announcing Factionsachievements!

    Regalia V5 Teaser…

    Language Application Change + Further Url Expansion




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