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    • Matlys
      August 10, 2020, 3:43 pm to Public
      Commissions Open

      • I charge $5 per skin.
      • I only accept payments on Paypal.

      What skins do i make?

      • I’m focussing more on the humanoid skins, One of my favorite alternatives is making panda skins but thats an extra.
      • I like to focus on popular games, movies and other stuff that inspires you.
      • Pixelarts are possible
      • Reshades/remakes are possible too.
      • Female skins are not my priority but if you want one i can make them for you aswell. (aslong they are not too girlish thats really not my style.

      How long does it take to get a skin done?

      • Mostly to make a skin from scratch it takes several hours, however if i get a demand during week days it could be possible it will take a few days. (skins don’t pay for all the wages unfortunately )

      What can you expect and what not?

      • When i’m making a skin for you i will send you several pictures during the progress, just to be sure that the skin is as like you want it. That way we both don’t lose our time to re edit afterwards.
      • When the skin is finished i will send you a picture of the skin, if you like it you pay the fee trough Paypal and i’ll send you the skin via mail or discord.
      • I am not available 24/7 ( ikr a gamer with a life it does not makes sence, but its the truth) however i have discord on my phone so expect me to be available 17/7
  • Who is Matly

    Heya, my name is David but when i work on my skins i work under the name Matly. Actually i did only start a few months ago to make skins because my son wanted some nice skins for his minecraft account. We headed to the Skindex where we made the first skins (still active over there aswell). I started to make some simple skins at the start like most ppl but i started to get along the colors and patterns quiet fast. I wanted to make skins that where not seen yet but where also quiet popular. I noticed that on the skindex ppl loved it when i made panda's so i tried to make skins based on panda's but with a little switch on them. Now i'm more focusing on gamer boys, and theme based skins. When i make a skin from scratch on demand i take my time for it and send the person the progress so i can make a skin to that fits 100% the desire of the client.

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