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    •  avatar
      February 27, 2022, 2:16 pm to Public
      I decided to come out of retirement after 2 years granted my art may be rusty but my brother made me want to come back when I have spare time I'll upload something right now I have been developing DDLC mods as well as life happened. It's official this time.
      Mikufan06 replied to BelenusHorror's comment below 2022-02-27 14:57:44
      No we haven't but anyways thank you
      BelenusHorror said 2022-02-27 14:47:20
      I don't believe if we have spoken before, but welcome back to PMC!
      MoonAstraea said 2022-02-27 14:25:13
      Mikufan06 said 2022-02-27 14:19:52
      To add to this post I have been dealing with mental health issues and these past years have not been kind to me. I am good now.
    •  avatar
      January 28, 2020, 7:23 pm to Public
      Hello everyone sorry i havent been active been dealing with alot but anyways in a few days ill have some content and also tomorrows my 23rd bday
      JadeFire170 said 2020-01-29 08:24:13
      Happy birthday!
      Aspirin60 said 2020-01-29 06:07:34
      Welcome back friend!
    •  avatar
      July 20, 2019, 4:43 am to Public
      I am open for interviews and I am working on 2 skins and I might give an address to my subscribers on YouTube thanks for everything
      Mikufan06 replied to Nitgo's comment below 2019-07-21 06:24:43
      Yep if you want you can Interview me
      Nitgo said 2019-07-20 07:58:25
    •  avatar
      June 28, 2019, 3:20 am to Public
      Update got studio apt I am conceptualizing my first skin in a year yay and many more I'll give you guys a hint it's dragon Ball stuff for the first 4 skins I'm just glad to be back and ready to continue where i left off
    •  avatar
      June 14, 2019, 5:02 am to Public
      I'm back from retirement and it's been a year between school meeting my half brother and estrangement from my mom long story short moved out on a little bit I'll do skins and start being active I realized how much I am missed just give me time and I'll get to work I just need to get an apartment of my own and settle down thanks for waiting for my return
      belaphoupou said 2019-06-14 18:13:20
      Oh hey!
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