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    Age: Older than the dinosaurs


    Habitat: Either Hell or some place in the Netherlands

    Apprentice in skin making team Top Notch of DinowCookie, under tutorage of her.

    For now mostly I do skin creations, will probably expand later to projects and maybe do some contests/events.
    Skin Requests: No, momentarily working on a project of multiple skins

    Reach finalist in PMC skin making contest
    Reach top ten in PMC skin making contest
    Reach top 3 in PMC skin making contest
    Become a more experienced skin maker and full member of Top Notch
    Reach level 10
    Reach level 20
    Reach level 30
    Reach level 40
    Reach level 50
    Reach level 60
    Reach level 70
    Reach level 80
    Reach level 90
    Reach level 100
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    Artwork by others and fan art or gifted art
    thank you peridotX9 for this
  • Demons

    The Fallen Angel (666 Sub. Skin!)
    Balrog, Lord of the Rings (Request)
    Cyber Demon (Doom)
    Ender Demon, Nether Demon, Aether Demon
    Nether Demon
    Demon Lord
    Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9)
    Belphegor, Prince of Hell
    Mammon, Prince of Hell
    Renon The Demon Merchant (Castlevania 64) Human Form.
    Smiling demon  (bored skin 10minutes)
    Demon Girl
    Red devil  (request)
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