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      Last updated 04/04/18
      Posted 01/10/2018
      by MrSwalbert
      Game Version: Minecraft 1.12
      Game Version: Minecraft 1.12
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  • Nitrous MC - The Next Non-Pay-to-Win Server

    Hello, Planet Minecrafters!

    My name is Brad and I am the proud Owner of the next upcoming non-pay-to-win server, Nitrous MC.

    You see, I am not bothered about taking money from every player that joins Nitrous, and we don't pack overpowered gear into donator ranks. In fact, we don't even have donator ranks! At the same time as being non-pay-to-win, the server still has costs, which is why we only sell individual commands and crate keys.

    Also, I am not too ambitious. I don't expect Nitrous MC to become the most popular server on Minecraft at all! I do think though we are able to create a nice community.

    I decided to create a non-pay-to-win server due to the fact that there are hardly any non-pay-to-win servers out there and the ones that aren't pay-to-win don't have a store. I believe, as an Owner and player, that it is important that players do not have to give their own money to be able to have the best gear and permissions.

    Nitrous MC is a new server and new servers need Staff! We are looking for some players that are willing to offer their time and effort to the server. We don't want people who just join for the sake of becoming Staff, but rather to join the community and be a part of it.

    So, if you're looking for a new server to play on, why not try Nitrous MC? Obviously, as a new server, we don't have very many regulars playing. However, somebody has to be first! I do believe that as a community, we can build this server and make it reasonably popular!

    Again, don't hesitate to join. You will find a lovely, small community!

    Thanks for reading this!

    P.S. Join the server's Discord and message me (MrSwalbert) "FreeKeys" along with your in-game name to claim your free crate keys!
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