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  • About Me!!

    I love Eevees!!!
    I'm here on Planet Minecraft to make skins for everyone.

    Subscribe if you think I deserve it!
    If you request a skin, I'm so sorry to let you down, but I can't promise anything.
    As you can see, I'm still experimenting with my skin styles, so if you can, then please comment on my skins. It really helps me improve because I know what people like and don't like. Thanks!

    Skin Posting Times: Every 1 to 4 days, mostly when I'm bored. I might go silent for a bit longer if I have a project or something, or if I run out of ideas.

    Skin Requests: Closed For Now (sorry!)

    I will make a 20 subscriber special!!!

    Oh, yeah, if you want to know some things about me, here they are:
    My hobbies (I guess) are violin, piano, writing, and DEFINITELY lanyards. It's something I actually feel good about making! As for things on the computer, I love to make skins, play Minecraft, chat with my friends, and just surf the internet. I also frequently play typing games and coding games, so I guess you could call me sort of a nerd. :P I am a girl, and I would say I am pretty tomboyish. I also play video games a lot on my Xbox One.

    P.S. I don't play the Pokemon games, (Though I wish I could), but I do watch the shows. I might get Pokemon Sun soon, though!!!!!!!!

    Feel free to call me Mystical or Eevee if you are talking to me or about me! :)
  • Current News

    Oh, yeah, here's some current news about me... This'll change because it's CURRENT news, so if you were wondering why I wasn't making skins or something, this is the place to look...

    I won't be posting as much as before, since I want to spend some time away from computers, especially Minecraft. I am sorry if this causes any inconveniences to anyone.
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