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    Why doesn't this site work properly? I go and add a widget, and then half the time the confirmation button just flat out doesn't work. Pretty frustrating!

    Anyhow: Hello, my name is Neko! I typically go by Nekomaster or nekomaster1000 online. The character in my icon is named Neko Master. He isn't literally me but he is kind of representative of me, too? It's weird. He's from an in-development action-adventure series called Nekomaster.

    I'm the founder and owner of Infernal Studios, a team of Minecraft Modders who make cool projects like Infernal Expansion, amongst other things! If you'd like to see what else we've made, check out our website! infernalstudios.org/

    Besides that, I also make resource packs when it suits me. You can see some of my work in my collections folder somewhere on this profile! I also make a lot of mob models, mostly for the fun of it, and sometimes for the aspiration to see them in a mod!

    I'd consider myself pretty friendly, so if you'd like to collaborate or just say hello - Hello! :D
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