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    • Niche
      December 10, 2017, 2:22 am to Public
      So yeah guys, we're opening up a Survival server in the near future!
      We plan to add a few things that we feel Vanilla Survival is lacking, while keeping that nice smooth survival feel!


      - The Server will contain plugins
      - The Server is being built up by the professional build team I work with, Saphire Studios
      - The Server will contain a lot of original content, like quests, and aspects that make the survival world more fun to explore
      - The Server will have a lot of things to do to keep you from being bored (Minigames and such. Spleef, Races, and other misc things!)
      - The Server will offer player ranks, and donator ranks.
      - The Server will only allow mature members of the community to be staff, with an 18+ age requirement.

      I can't really go into any more detail than that, because we don't want anyone to be "borrowing" ideas from us!
      Expect alot of amazing things to happen though!!
      DakuTheFeesh said 2017-12-11 13:07:57
      i would join
    • Niche
      October 25, 2017, 3:34 pm to Public
      So, I'm going to be expanding my 300x300 Bottom of the Deep Blue build, and turning it into a 2kx2k!!

      Personally I find this build to probably be the most impressive thing I've ever made, and I actually really love the effect it has on people when they see it, so I felt like rather than start something new, I'd rather expand on what I've already got. There will be alot of hidden easter eggs, and I WILL MOST LIKELY upload the schematic so that anyone can use it. I'm honestly not sure what they'd do with it :) But that's up to them.
      Refreshinq_ said 2017-10-25 16:56:29
      Good luck!
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