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      December 26, 2021, 6:55 am to Public
      Well, 2021 went by faster than expected. 2022 is my glow up year, 2021 was just a beginning. 2022 goals - cut off contact with social media even more, getting Ripped af at gym (already have some decent progress), focusing on studying more than ever and preparing for university, stopping to play videogames, or at least playing them much less.

      And obviously, I wont be active here anymore either. Making minecraft skins was fun while it lasted, but this sort of a phase has pretty much come to an end. I'll only upload new skins if someone ever decides to request them outside of PMC, or if i, out of boredom, finish the one i was still working on before this decision.

      But for now, thats a goodbye. Not like many people cared anyway, but i had my fun :)

      Have a great last week of 2021, and well, a new year y'all !
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    its kinda lonely and quiet in here...
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