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      kittxn posted to guest book of noxcturnal avatar noxcturnal
      March 17, 2023, 10:58 pm to Public
      hi there! I adore all of your texture packs <33 I was wondering if all of your collection items are your texture packs- if not is there a place i can view all of them because your aesthetic feels like it would match mine lol <3
    •  avatar
      bugbinaryy posted to guest book of noxcturnal avatar noxcturnal
      November 19, 2022, 12:13 pm to Public
      hello !! just wanted to stop by and say that your artwork is so pretty !! I love your use of colors ^^
      noxcturnal said 2022-12-03 09:26:19
      Aw hello there! I'm a tad late to replying but thank you so so much for the kind words! I'm trying my best to make art that gives you those warm feelings xD
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      miss_shroom posted to guest book of noxcturnal avatar noxcturnal
      October 12, 2022, 10:21 am to Public
      Hi Noxcturnal! I love your content! Just wondering who (or how!) you made your like get to know me intro pic thing ( hopefully you understand my gibberish, lol) and are there any bedrock ports for your packs? Thanks so much! You’re awesome!<3
      miss_shroom replied to noxcturnal's comment below 2022-10-24 00:23:32
      Thx! That helps, have a great day!
      noxcturnal said 2022-10-23 21:40:26
      Hi Miss Shroom <3 So sorry I'm an entire week late to this comment! I'm slowly getting back into minecraft as I promised myself. I actually make the profile pictures myself! I'm a part-time artist and I get tired of simple text box about sections.. so I launch up photoshop and lay out boxes + artwork as I see fit. I actually just updated it here for the first time in a year! xD So maybe they help explain it a little better. Just a lot of design work.
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      ZeeFlat2 posted to guest book of noxcturnal avatar noxcturnal
      January 7, 2021, 1:31 pm to Public
      Hey I’m saw you’re carpet texture pack and it rlly cut but I’m just wondering if it includes the textures of the wood glass exc. in the pack?
      noxcturnal said 2021-01-07 14:14:18
      hey there! The rest of the textures in the pictures come from Mizuno's 16 Craft :) The texture pack I made simply is carpets so you can place it on top of any texture pack you wish!
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