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      I am a Fallout fan, and I like to create Minecraft skins of the armor and apparel from the games - Mainly Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas .

      If you find a skin you like, it might be worth checking back every now and then to see if I have updated them. As I make more, I go back and fix any errors I've found or adjust them as techniques evolve. For such small textures, there sure is a lot to mess up.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Don't be shy to offer feedback or critique!

      As well, I am open to requests. I might not get around to it quickly, but I'll get to it! I'm not as likely to create a skin that isn't from FO3 or F:NV, but I'll consider all requests.

      Thanks for checking out my page! See you around.

    Here's what I'm planning on doing next:
    1. Raider Iconoclast Armor (Required for Tribal Power Armor) (Posted!)
    2. Tribal Power Armor (Posted!)
    3. Combat Armor Mk I (And variants) (Coming Soon!)
    4. Tackling the reworks
    5. General Attire
    6. Templates

    Here's my current planned to do list:

    • Fix errors in NCR Ranger Combat Armor. Found a surprising amount!
    • Correct errors in Pip-Boy templates
    • Brighten Lonesome Road Ranger Combat Armors with help from game texture files.
    • Recolor Outcasts Power Armor with help from game texture files.
    • Recolor Winterized T-51b with help from game texture files.
    • Lessen the rust on the Remnants Power Armor - Its a bit much, and muddles the overall skin.
    • Revisit skins with decals - I found their files, and want to update their colouring to be more accurate.
    • Give every skin a once over to make sure nothing else has been missed - Why did I have to make so many!

    Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas:

    Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel:


    • Ghoul Hairstyles
    • Marked Men
    • Eye Colour
    • Finally get around to skins people have requested (I'm really bad at getting around to them - but I will!)
    • Sierra Madre Security Armor
    • Ghoul (Non feral)

    Current creative mood: Feeling creative again!. (3/15/23)
    Last creative mood: 3/15/23
    (I make skins when I'm feeling creative. When I am in the mood, I usually make, or polish off a few skins.)

    Last updated (MM/DD/YY): 03/20/23
    Widget initially created (MM/DD/YY): 12/08/21
    I will try to keep the "Posted!" updates up for a week before I remove it from this About widget.
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