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    I am a human who likes Minecraft just like you, unless of course you are here ironically if so then leave there is nothing here for you, if you do like Minecraft then let me tell you a bit about myself, I don't make mods i download mods, if you were wondering. and I like cats, i have two cats, one of them acts like a dog so i say to my friends i have 1 and a half cats and one half dog. I like dogs but don't have any. and I know so many people will kill me about saying this but.... I. like. cats. more. then. dogs. yes I said it, I said it. (side note I made this profile on an Impulse)

    Also here is my YouTube channel, I don't have any vids and 9 subs but its a start www.youtube.com/channel/UC62k3FkCS58rlKiwSHbTMjA
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