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    Hi. So if you're reading this, I'd like to just say thanks for coming. I know that I've been on PMC for a lil while now, so I'd like to share some stuff about myself...

    Gender- For some of you this may be surprising... I'm a girl.

    Age- Somewhere in between 1-100.

    Food- Potatoes... All types are awesome (Potato Equality)

    Video Game- Minecraft. Just Minecraft. Nothing else.

    Best Friend- Rose_12915 (Go check out her page)

    Season- Either spring, winter, or fall. (Summer sucks where I am)

    Zodiac- I'm a Taurus (Always sleepy and hungry)

    If you read all the way through that, congratulations. You won nothing.

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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to all of my subscribers! I truly appreciate all of you and hope to see that you're successful; either in the future or right now.

    If you sub to me, I'll sub back! :)
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    So everyone has something in Minecraft that amazes them, right? Well I know that I do. Starting off with the fact that I LOVE Nether Portals, if you couldn't tell. I know that Nether Portals aren't all that exciting to you guys, but there's something about them that is just awesome! It might be the fact that they are super swirly and twirly, or the fact that they have super nice shades of purple in them. I also really like Glow Lichen. I know that you guys probable weirded out by now, but hear me out... If you put Glow Lichen over certain blocks, it can look so cool! Another great use for Glow Lichen is to trick your friends into going down into a ravine or deep cave to try and get diamonds, when it turns out that it was just some Glow Lichen!

    What are your Minecraft Favorites?
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