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    01/09/2014 11:28 pm
    Level 29 : Expert Toast
    So many confessions >:3
    -I LOVE Lapis
    -I love Birch trees, I call them le sexy zebra trees
    -My ex-boyfriend once convinced my that if he hit me with his fire enchanted sword all my items would burn
    -I used to hate MC and thought Roblox was the shit
    -I'm rlly bad at RPG servers
    -I hate Poppys #SaveTheRoses
    -1.7.4 <3
    -I've tried to make at least 30 maps and was too lazy
    -It's so hard to not cheat
    -I once saw MunchingBrotato <3 and his server and fangirled for fourty minutes
    -I'm horrible at parkour, I once tried to jump one block and fell in the hole
    -The first and only time I've ever found diamond legitly was bedrock-mining with my friend
    -I mine all the coal I see, I really like it
    11/06/2013 10:30 pm
    Level 29 : Expert Toast
    Shortest horror story ever:
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