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    11/17/2016 2:07 am
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    IGN: Rayge
    Age: 18 (December 1st, 1997)
    Discord ID with number: Pryme #9012
    Position Requesting: Any, put me in a position where it is needed. I'm not to particular about it as long as I get to help build!
    Why do you want to be part of Purgatory's staff?: Well, recently the server I was building for the owner stopped showing up... just trying to get onto a new step on Minecraft with new friends and enjoyable experiences.
    Why should you be chosen?: I am kinda a jack of all trades... I'm great with building many different styles, I enjoy peoples company, I will always find a way to have fun. People seem to enjoy me being around.
    List of past experience (server names and or proof is required): Emeraldcraft, Redcraft, Noxiouscraft, Northcraft.
    Image examples: If you'd like pictures of more buildings that I have made other than some of my profile art, Pm me on discord and ill be glad to share!
    Any other information you'd like to share: I honestly am just looking for somewhere new to start. I need a good spark back into minecraft and I feel this is a good place to start. I could ramble about how I just wanna play. But, I am looking for a good place to settle for another long while. I will be happy to help in anyway i really can! If you want to talk more just message me on discord. I'll be happy to talk to you!
    07/20/2016 12:18 am
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    Your Name:Adam Tyler Byrd
    Your Skype: Python2nd1
    Your Age:18
    Your Country:U.S.A
    How long have you been building in Mine craft ?:1.7 Beta
    How long can you build each day?: 3-6 hours variety
    Do you prefer building alone or as a team?:Depends on the objective so either one is fine with me
    Are you currently in a build team [yes/no]?: No
    What style of building are you best at?:I don't really have a preferred style I just enjoy to build everything
    Link to your portfolio: ... o-3194523/
    05/19/2016 8:14 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    First name: Adam
    Minecraft UUID (Convert):317e8bba-66dc-40d5-a9f7-da65c55eee01
    Timezone:Central America/United states
    About yourself: Hello, I am a Minecraft builder. I have been building on minecraft since 1.7 Beta. I enjoy building not just because its something to do. But, i also like seeing the reactions of people who see the builds I make and helping people learn how to build! I love players I love teaching and I enjoy building.
    Previous experience: I have experience building for many small and medium sized servers. I can just show my work.
    Anything else: If you wish to discuss with me add me on Skype: Python2nd1

    If you have any further questions i will be happy to answer them! Have a nice day!
    05/19/2016 8:08 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    IGN: Rayge
    Age: 18
    Skype: Python2nd1
    I have been building since 1.7 beta
    message me on skype and I will!
    05/01/2016 10:27 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    IRL: Adam
    IGN: Rayge
    My experience: I have been building on minecraft for a very long time, I have built hubs, mingames, adventure maps. and even just regular towns.
    I wont be posting pictures on here but you can feel free to message me on skype, Username: Python2nd1
    05/01/2016 9:51 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    IGN: Rayge

    Age: 18

    Expert, I have been building on Minecraft for a very long time and I have almost perfected every style of building!

    I love to build for players and let them have good experiences on Minecraft. Knowing that they are having fun enojoying my builds really is a great feeling!

    since 1.7 Beta, saying that i have built for so many servers over the years! from mini-game maps to Huge 50 million block hubs.

    Monday Tuesday Thursday all 4-10 I am still currently in Highschool Plus have a GF so i have to dedicate time to her and school.

    If you would like to accept me message me on skype: Python2nd1 Or mail me on here!
    04/17/2016 1:12 am
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    Age: 18 December 1st 1997
    Skype: Rayge
    Do you work well with a team?: Very well! I like the enjoyment of having players and help and helping players
    How Mature are you? Depends on the situation if its serious its a 10 but if having a good time its a 5
    Previous builds: I have built a lot of things. Can't exactly tell you
    Pictures of previous builds: i dont use planetminecraft much... I dont know how to add files but i can send them to you on skype have plenty to show
    Previous Experience with building: I have been building on minecraft for a very long time since 1.7 beta. I have been building for a server called Emeraldcraft. and weve gone through 4 maps so ive lost many builds but I do have some to show
    How long have you played Minecraft?: 1.7 beta
    What are your skills in minecraft?: Architecture! love doing landscaping and enjoy doing anything that requires building. Kinda a jack of all trades
    What are your weaknesses in minecraft? I dont like to look down upon. I hate a show off and I cant do suburb type builds yet still working on it.
    04/14/2016 9:58 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    IGN: Rayge
    Skype: Python2nd1
    I have a lot of experince as a builder, I love to build and i can show proof im a good builder.
    My favorite to build is everything I like to build modern to medieval!
    04/12/2016 5:54 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    Skype Username: Python2nd1

    Minecraft Username: Rayge

    Yes, this is my first time to apply.

    I have past experiences with multiple servers, I have Head admin for 1 small faction server that is not longer running either. Other than the one Head Admin position, I have 2 mod

    I can assist from 4:00 - 12:00 Central U.S. time *Weekdays*

    I have 3 servers I am the Head Architect for but one is currently down. Emeraldcraft is one, VolternusCraft is 2 then CozmicCraft is another (this is the one that is down)

    Favorite three:
    1) Modern/Medieval
    2) Suburb style
    3) after that im a pretty well rounded builder just ask me and ill get it done to my best possible ability!

    Best at building: That is quiet a hard answer to say... I don't really have a best building style. I have the most fun doing either Modern Mansions or Towny Midieval

    Favorite thing: My favorite thing about building is at the end of the build you get a good satisfaction of completing it and making yourself better. Also, being able to show people that square huts and dirt homes aren't everything and helping the small players out is the greatest feeling.

    You should hire me because I love building and I have so much fun helping others. I bring joy to the table as well as a fun experience. I am a very well rounded builder with capabilities of building whatever the task asks me to do.

    Yes I agree to the Rules.

    Thank you, have a nice day! /Rayge
    03/27/2016 9:33 am
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    I am 18, I am a Head Builder on a server named EmeraldCraft. I have a few pictures from my old server but its currently down but I am willing to prove myself for head builder if thats what it takes. Applying for Head-Builder. Because I enjoy building and I have many different ways to build from : Mideval to Modern to just about anything.
    Skype info: Python2nd1
    06/15/2015 11:08 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter


    Skype: pythonicdmon

    Gender: Male

    What Position your applying for:Builder

    Why you think you good enough:I have been building on Minecraft since alpha and i have had builder ranks before on many servers, currently looking for a new one since the population has gone down on my old one. I love to do it more than anything

    Are you Mature:Yes I like to believe so
    06/15/2015 9:55 pm
    Level 1 : New Crafter
    AGE: 17
    IGN: Rayge
    Skype: pythonicdmon

    Position: Builder

    How experienced are you? I have been building on minecraft since alpha. I love to build and enjoy building a variety of things, I enjoy doing it because it gives me escape and architecture is what I plan on being out of college. On my old server I was an Architect rank and earned it by building wonderful things

    Can you handle large amounts of problems at one time?: Yes I was a moderator on my past server before the server began to die. I actually love to talk to people and don't mind helping in other roles if needed! I like to help out in every way I can even if has to deal with a couple of problems at one time.

    On a scale of 1-10 how trust worthy are you?: 10-10

    Can you carry out the tasks assigned to you?: oh yes very much so as long as i am not limited.

    Thank you for considering me as a potential builder on your server! I would love to be apart of something new!

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