Level 6
Apprentice Engineer
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    About Me:

    Minecraft Username: RDiamondcreeper

    Discord: RDiamondcreeper#9389

    Edition(s): Java (preferred), Win 10 (bedrock)

    • Moderate Redstone ability
    • Pretty good building ability
    • Worldedit/bulk edit experience
    • Command block programming
    • Skript experience

    • Experience working on large scale building projects
    • Experience cooperatively building structures
    • Experience designing complex structures
    • Experience working with other people
    • Experience playing both Creative and Survival mode
    • Experience building structures in Creative and Survival mode
    • Command/command block experience
    • Texture pack creation experience
    • .json modeling experience
    • Programming outside of Minecraft (HTML, Java, C, JavaScript, CSS, Python)

    Build styles:

    Any, prefer modern or medieval

    Past Projects:
    • 2 year City project with some friends (world file mysteriously went missing)
    • 3 month Star Wars roleplay project with friends
    • 6 month City project with friends (Suspended)
    • 3 month survival mode server with friends (current project)
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