Level 9
Apprentice Crafter
  • Hi!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Boris and I created this account to show of my builds on the Sanacraft server, as well as builds made by others.
    Sanacraft is a server based around the steampunk theme.
  • Compass Tower

    When you enter Sanacraft for the first time, you'll enter in an airship, docked inside the Compass Tower.
  • A little street near Harbor

    This is a small street with five houses that I made near Harbor. It contains a café, a music shop, and two houses for living. I made all the houses in this one street, but Harbor is big and there is alot to explore!

  • A.R.F Maximus

    A.R.F Maximus is a ship built by Der_Doktor52 (https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/der_doktor52/) and me :) Isn't she beautiful?

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