• Well this is a bit awkward

    Hello Hello! I'm Rook

    A few things you might want to know about me:

    IGN: Rook77 (as of 8th November 2022)

    You can call me: Rook   (few people know me by Dusky)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Sexuality: men

    Right! Now that that's out of the way, there's not much left to say really.
    On all media, I go by a persona or character named Rook. Rook is a young Peace Era Adventurer from The Federation of Pays Blanc. A country filled with large meadows and many rivers. Here's some stuff about him:

    Adventurer: Never stays in one place for too long

    Idiot: Pretty dumb to start off with, hardly can concentrate on one thing or remember stuff too well. He's also self-obsessed and admires his looks too much. Along with that, he has a short temper and is basically a hothead. Despite this, he is a very lovable person.

    Build: -Muscular medium build
       -Very swift
       -Peak accuracy
       -Lacking direct physical power
       -Uses weapons to make up for that

    Weapon: -Gordian Daggers
         -Essentially 2 green Daggers that vibrate slightly when the user is in danger

    Likes: -Sitting/hanging up on trees or other high surfaces
       -Adventuring and finding ruined/abandoned places
       -Helping people and making them happy is very enjoyable for him
       -Dodging enemy attacks continuously to make them angry (basically show-off)
       -Fighting in dungeons
       -Eating (Meat)
       -Picking up herbs and berries to make herbal tea
       -                                                            men

    Dislikes: -Being treated like a child
        -Overthinking (makes brain hurt ): )
        -Being picked up by bigger guys
        -Unjust people
        -Putting on clothes (make it difficult for him to sense danger)
        -Rules and regulations
        -Blushing (does it a lot though)
    Morale: -Daggers are only used as means of defense or fighting against bad guys :)
        -Doesn't think philosophically too often because for him there is no need
        -Simple guy simple life, does what he enjoys
        -For him, there is no right way or wrong way, just his way
        -Those who hurt innocent lives are given a chance to change their ways. Stubborn/unmovable individuals are battled with.
        -"If I can't use words to make you care for people, I will use my sharp daggers to make you regret you never did"
        -Fortune and misfortune, from a complete view of the world, they balance out to 0. Bad days are a sign of something grand awaiting. Too many good days mean something is out of place.

    A big part that makes up the character is his physical abilities. In order to deal with dangerous situations or fight in dungeons as he often does, he carries along two "Gordian Daggers", making him a dual-wielding rogue in a sense. Rook uses the daggers with grace, almost dancing while dodging attacks and overwhelming the target with slashes.

    If you expected anything about me, sorry, but I like to make impressions in person or in-game so save up your opinions on me until we meet! Those who know me might say I am in a way similar to Rook :) Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night wherever you are!!!
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      Suggest a change on behavior, give me feedback on interactions with me or perhaps commend on how you feel about me as a person! Let's however stay nice ^^
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    In these trials, there are bound to be battles and spilled blood.

    And the more formidable the foe, the better the trial.

    These trials are offerings!

    And the greater they are the better.
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