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    01/31/2016 4:01 pm
    Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
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    Necroposting this because it is high on the google list for reviews for beastnode, and i need to give them their honest to goodness good review.

    If this is frowned upon, please cite it against this account, not the company thank you:

    BeastNode support is 10 stars, they reply fast, are super helpful, and have never let us down.

    I only gave 4 stars for the site as it can be a liiiitttle confusing at times but everything else is great, this is a must have.

    If you have limited experience, the staff will be there for you, if you are super experienced, the panel is powerful.

    They helped us save our server and we'll always be grateful.

    Drew and Dawn

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