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    Hello, I go by soj on this wonderful planetminecraft website and all I do here is post furry minecraft skin.
    I don't play the game much anymore, since none of my friends do, but making skins is still fun for me.

    No requests. At the rate of which I do requests nowadays I can not in good conscience accept more requests and have people wait this long.*
    Will still finish outstanding requests, if I'm reminded they exist X)

    *Unless you're cool with that, but I will be very selective in the ones I do from now on. It's a motivation thing, since I feel very :/ about the ongoing state of the game and how it's being run.
    If it's been two weeks with nothing shown, you may remind me... Otherwise, expect it to be on the backburner for very long, possibly ever.

    Skin permissions: I'm cool w/ everything except lying. credit where credit is due, please.
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    • tdevoted's Avatar
      tdevoted posted to guest book of soj's Avatarsoj
      July 1, 2024, 7:33 pm to Public
      Hii , sorry to bother but can i make a request?
      soj said 2024-07-01 22:30:35
      soj's Avatar
      It's not a bother. Feel free to make a request!
      Keep in mind I'm not currently/actively doing skins right now, so it may take a long time for me to get to it. By that time I may even forget about it so really don't expect much :-p
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