• You wanna kow my secret identity?

    I'M BATMAN! ... Well not really, obviously. I just thought it was funny... or am I? *Vsauce Music starts playing*
    Well, now that I have your attention, I could tell you a little about myself...

    Here are some quick facts:
    • Age? → Around 20
    • Country? → Germany
    • Current occupation? → Physics student
    • Hobbies? → Cycling, PC- and Switch-gaming, singing, coding and occasionally streaming
    • First Minecraft Version played? → 1.8.9 (I think, but it was definitely 1.8.x)
    • Favorite Minecraft Version? → Caves and Cliffs Part 3 ;) (Love what they did with the Deep Dark and also p h r o g)
    • Things I do in Minecraft? → Vanilla and modded survival, datapack and mod development, server admin stuff
    • Villager? → Huh
    • Is this list long enough? → Probably

    So... what can you expect of me here? Honestly idk
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'll probably post some of my datapack creations, that I think are worth sharing, and comment on a few things here and there.

    So, that's it. You can have you're attention back now. (: If you (for whatever reason) want to know a bit more about me or any of my projects, feel free to ask me and I may (or may not) answer.
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      TheBeber avatar TheBeber 8/16/22 6:50 • posted 8/14/22 10:41
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