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    Blue Water Craft Minecraft server
    Blue Water craft is my favorite server simply due to how calm and peaceful it is. You can build, craft, and have fun in a small community of nice people!
    If you happen to stop by, check out my small town: Antica! My goal is to eventually expand to a nation.... So if you catch me on, try joining my town as I could use the extra world chunks!

    This server does not allow hacking/cheating of any kind (duh) it'd also be nice if you keep to the nice environment and be nice to others, don't just go around killing people because you can.

    ip address: seasharp.net

    -Be nice (no racism, sexism, or any other isums)
    -No griefing
    No X-Ray or any other cheats
    -Don't steal
    -No swearing
    -Be respectful
    -Be ethical
    -Use common sense

    Also, discord!
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