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    My name is Patrick but I go by TheNerdPatrick. I am a 16-year-old illustrator (beginning to get more into illustrations), voice actor, writer and if you can't tell by this profile that you found on the darkest corner of Planet Minecraft - a skin maker!

    I enjoy anime, DC Comics, music and film production. All of these I aspire to be one day - except an anime, that would be a pretty boring anime.

    Now, I'm not doing commissions (yet) for illustration or skin making (once again, yet), but if you want to give me any ideas on what to draw or make as a skin - I'll put it into consideration, since I can't guarantee I will get off my butt and do it,

    Oh, and before you move onto the next profile in this endless void on PMC, make sure to check out the guys who are subscribed to me on here, they're really awesome and some of their work is better than mine by a long shot.

    Anyway, I'll see you later.
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