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TQuin is an adult male in his 30s who works in the healthcare industry as an interface integration engineer and makes independent game content in his free time.

TQuin first discovered Minecraft in June of 2009, Classic version 0.0.20a. He thought it was interesting, but lacked a degree of compelling depth. With the release of Minecraft Alpha 1.1.1 in September of 2010, he decided that development had progressed to a point significant to pique his interest and bought an Alpha license.

After playing for a few weeks, TQuin began preliminary work on the Real Life Seasons mod, then called the A Brave New World mod. The name was changed because Real Life Seasons made more sense in context of the function, but the title A Brave New World was later reintroduced when life-related circumstances forced the permanent cancellation of the Real Life Seasons project and it was converted from a full mod to a consolidated resource pack.

Previously, TQuin worked on such mod projects as the Tangerine Crate HD conversion for Half-Life, Counter Strike, and Team Fortress Classic, The Skinned Alive cinematic total conversion for Alien vs Predator 2, the Pokemon Thunder Yellow romhacking total conversion project, the Transformers total conversion mod for Quake 2, and the Jedi vs Bounty Hunters total conversion for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. He also contributed various reskins for Smash Bros Brawl, World of Tanks, and Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

TQuin's first Minecraft skin was based on the character Gordon Freeman from the hit game series Half-Life. It was flat-shaded and very basic, but TQuin currently still uses this skin from time to time.

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