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  • Introduction to Tsen

    Hey guys, thank you for taking a look at my profile! So a little about me. I'm a small time YouTuber (lol) whose originally from Canada, although I currently live in USA. I play a variety of games on my channel, as there are quite a few that are favorites! and I didn't want to limit myself to just one type of content. More on that later ;).

    So what kinds of games do I play? Well as I said I don't really limit myself to one, or two genres. Some of the typical genres I play include:
    1. RPG's, such as Skyrim, Dragon Age... etc
    2. Simulation, games such as Sim City (love the intricacy behind some designs), X3: Reunion (and other X games, obviously)..
    3. Adventure games, such as Legend of Zelda! I'm sure there are plenty of stuff even I have missed, despite how many times i've played them

    That's all for now! More will be added overtime as I see fit. :)
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