Level 16
Journeyman Network

Welcome :)

Hello, and welcome to the official Vanilla World: Reloaded account on Planet Minecraft!
We are Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server owned by rwsender and Ontvlambaar.
Our server offers the vanilla Minecraft feel due to our original plugin.
Upon joining, players are teleported thousands of blocks away from eachother to prevent grief. To all of you who prefer working in a group: no worries, players can still work together and start a little community.

To prevent spam, we have a custom chat plugin that allows you to chat with everyone in a 1000-block radius. This allows you to chat with anyone in your area without the entire server seeing what you're doing.

On this server, we host the Community Area that was founded on the Vanilla World server back in 2014. Players have to apply to become a member. Once accepted, players can set up a shop or join any of the themed towns to help it grow.
We also support roleplaying.

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