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    if you want to convert my packs to bedrock, it is allowed. just link the original pack in your description, thats all i ask for
    (if you want to contact me, my discord is waifu_png_pl)
    i am waifu. i make skins sometimes, as well as texture pack add ons and other pixel art stuff (my animated profile picture is my work). i take requests sometimes. you may request skins but i reserve the full right to deny any requests for whatever reason, more on requests later on. i like cute stuff, i have 3 cats and i love playing minecraft, sims 4 and other games too.
    price: free, you may give a tip like a month of discord nitro (i appreciate tips but theyre tips, not mandatory)
    way to request: pm me on discord
    what id like you to tell me so i can get to your request as soon as i can: tell me the skin format (steve or alex. if its not specified, ill do an alex skin) if its a character from anime or a game, give me a few reference pics (2-3) or give me their wiki page with images. if its an oc, either give me the art piece you have of them, or if you dont have one, describe the hair length, clothes, skintone, colour palette and anything else. i can do a lot, i consider myself a creative person and im sure we can work together. one more thing, im better at female/feminine skins, but i can do male/masculine skins, too
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    makeela riju from tears of the kingdom - gerudo chief
    lady urbosa from breath of the wild - vah nabooris pilot
    buliara from tears of the kingdom and breath of the wild - captain guard
    gerudo town captain guard - breath of the wild and tears of the kingdom
    gerudo town higher guard - breath of the wild and tears of the kingdom
    gerudo town guard - breath of the wild and tears of the kingdom
    gerudo town soldier - age of calamity
    isha from tears of the kingdom and breath of the wild - jeweller
    gerudo link from botw - vai outfit
    nabooru the gerudo from ocarina of time - sage of spirit
    goddess of the sands - desert colossus
    sunset gerudo guard
    modernised gerudo pirate captain from majora
    OOT Gerudo shield - Moon crest
    OOT Gerudo shield - Gerudo crest
    king of evil ganondorf's cape as an elytra
    fierce deity sword as netherite sword
    legend of zelda fierce deity from majoras mask
    midna from twilight princess imp form
    BOTW and TOTK style horses and horse armour [READ DESC]
    BOTW Chief Riju (crown)
    BOTW Chief Riju (crownless)
    sheik (zelda) from smash ultimate
    zora champion mipha
    mipha without the champions garb
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