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    11/09/2012 8:45 pm
    Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
    New nether boss
    Underground passive mobs
    Nether villages
    On screen recorder with mic capability
    Butterflys duh
    New plants like poisonous ones
    More ocean mobs, like jellyfish that drops slime ball
    New dimension
    New building blocks
    Canyon biomes
    Lake biomes
    Volcano biomes
    Swamp and desert only mobs
    Passive mobs that spawn at night such as owls
    Mobs that rarely spawn in player built structures (mouse)
    New ore
    Add a over to in game and have it hold up to 3 stacks of arrows at once.
    Add randomly spawned ponds that have new plants a.k.a cattails
    More randomly generated structures
    Built in mcpatcher for easy texture use
    Snow biome only mobs
    Artic biomes
    New aggressive golem mob
    Less lag of course
    Mini-Map that can be switched on and off
    New wool colors
    More mini bosses
    Waterfall biomes
    Palm trees on beachs (could be birch wood)
    And finally
    Add more trades with villagers

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