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    hey there!
    thanks for takeing your time to click my page!

    im a builder who builds maps and maps works with command blocks and stuff.
    im not saying im the best by saying this but if you have a server i would enoy building for you(if i build for a server i work mutch harder)
    of course i go to school so i play minecraft after school like for 3 or 2 hours its between 5-8 in turkish time.

    enjoy your stay at my page :)
  • hey there i need help!

    whana get somthing off your chest? such as an idea for a map? i would be glad to hear your ideas ! if you present a nice idea and you let me use it i will give creddit to you in my map. or... wwhat about a colab build? (only pepole who lives in europe can do colab building with me because of server location limitacions sorry)
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    • zeynachan
      August 16, 2017, 2:11 pm to Public
      hhmmmm im looking forward to buil for someone! i use my full potencial when im doing somthing for someone. need any buiilding help?
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