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    I do digital art, too!
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    Content Rules!
    • Do not recolor, edit, or alter my skins! People tend to notice.
    • Skins that are free to use will be marked as such! If you use one, please change the head!
    • I don't take requests, apologies!
    Favorite Songs
    + Superposition - Young the Giant
    + Rabbit Will Run - Iron & Wine
    + Old Soul - Saint Motel
    + Happy - Mother Mother
    + Save Me - Saint Motel
    + Exits - Foals

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      January 11, 2021, 6:16 pm to Public
      Hi all! After a brief hiatus, we're back to our weekly showcase with a skin from the delightful Alexi_! They make some fantastic skins with rich colors and depth. I highly recommend checking out their work!
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  • Free to Use

    Child's Gambeson {FTU}
    Purple Dress {FTU}
    Vilde's Dress {FTU}
    Muted Vest {FTU}
    Green Tunic {FTU}
    Horatio {FTU}
    Evette Rosemond [Helm] {MT} {FTU}
    Evette Rosemond {MT} {FTU}
    A Friend's Coat {HW} {FTU}
    Thisbe's Garb {MT} [Free to Use!]
    Tradesman {HW} [Free to Use!]
    Green Coat {Garb} {HW}
    Lillian Dallison [HW]
    Better Prepared {Garb} [Free to Use!]
    Mage [Free to Use!]
    Grub {Commission for FluffyBristle} {MT}
    Antone's Vest {HW} [Free to Use!]
    Richter's Garb {MT} {FTU}
    Tiny Bandit - {Stream Skin!} [Free to Use!]
    Vilde's Apron {HW} {FTU}
    Coat {FTU}
    Peach Dress {FTU}
    Vilde Weberger - In the Slums {HW} [Free to Use!]
    Sensible {FTU}
    Filthy Pirate {FTU}
    Sofia La Cosma {RoS} [Free to Use!]
    Plain Tunic {FTU}
    The Miller's Son {RoS} [Free to Use!]
    Dark Blue {FTU}
    Miriam {FTU}
    Pale {FTU}
    Regalia {FTU}
    Amellia {FTU}
    Green Vest [Free to Use!]
    Battle Maid {FTU}
    Maid V2 {FTU}
    Updated Maid {FTU}
    Amellia Regencia {ToA} [Free to Use!]
    Noria Verdan {ToA} [Free to Use!]
    Nora Verdan [Free to Use!]
    Irene {TIV} [Free to Use!]
    Red Knight - {LOTC}
    Fancy {FTU}
    The Doctor {FTU}
    Malor {FTU}
    Phila - Neon Lights [Free to Use!]
    The Witch {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Olada {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Floure {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Revamp {FTU}
    Elyrus' Garb {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Elias {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Sideburns {FTU}
    Marion {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Dennia {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Allain {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Elyrus' Tunic {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Warden's Robes {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    The Caves {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Woodsman {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    The Traveler {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Warden of Wards {FTU}
    The Huntress {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Ward Uniform {FTU}
    The Hand-Maiden {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Vagrant  {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    The Druid {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Vests {FTU}
    Torug {FTU}
    Aelin's Armor {FTU}
    Vested Dress {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Shield Maiden {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Mystic {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Lowen De'Montem {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Red {FTU}
    Ambrose De'Montem {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Elven Skin {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Red Robe {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Orland {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Traveling Mage {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Upscale Jacket! {Base} [Free to Use!]
    Scholar {FTU}
    Ganved {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    The White Knight {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Ambrose {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Ella {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Maeven {FTU}
    Ward Base {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Marlin {FTU}
    The Fox {FTU}
    Cross {FTU}
    Caster {FTU}
    Maeven Update {FTU}
    Ewlin {FTU}
    Maeven {FTU}
    Penn {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Onwards! {LOTC Base} [Free to Use!]
    Penn Lackson [Free to Use!]
    Spooky! {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
    Dania Selothan {LOTC} [Free to Use!]
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