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Level 28 : Expert uwu
so imagine this, you're playing Uno, and then all of the sudden you get hit with a reverse card, then another reverse card, and yet again, another reverse card, and then 7 more reverse cards, and then a plus four. You fear for how many reverse cards your opponent may have, you draw four cards, all four are red, you then play your last non red card hoping for the best, your opponent then whips out 4 more reverse card and then hits you with a wild card, what color will they choose? They choose... YELLOW! Damn... All you have are red cards, you see your opponents smile widen, they only have 3 cards left. You draw a card, its green, you go again, blue, again, red, blue, red, green, green again, and after 6 more draws, all of which being green, you finally pull out a yellow card, your opponent plays two cards, both being yellow reverse cards, and then they exclaim... UNO!!! That's it... You failed... You then firmly shake their hand and walk away, as the next opponent walks up to them, they are probably going to lose too, or they will have some luck, who knows?

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