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Comically Large Fork (Trident)

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Level 42 : Master Lemon
low quality mob skin because Im bored lol

Its a trident that looks like a really long fork (so a trident) and the title is a reference to the comically large spoon

King Bach politely inquires to a friend if he can share his ice cream with him. Being kind, but likely not wanting to give away too much of his precious ice cream, the friend tells King Bach that he may have some ice cream, however, it is bound by one single condition - he may only have a single spoonful. After this precedent is set, King Bach proceeds to pull out a spoon of comically large proportions, giving a look that confirms that he intended to consume not just any spoonful of ice cream, but a comically large spoonful of ice cream. This is humorous as the friend in question had only expected King Bach to take an average spoon full of ice cream (often just over 1 tbsp,) however, a comically large spoon is much more than 1 tbsp, but still technically counts as a spoonful, so King Bach is able to easily get away with taking much more ice cream than anticipated in an unexpected and humorous fashion.

edit: thanks for making this reach the pop reel! :D
CreditKing Bach

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