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We may not be as active as before, but our fire keeps burning.
Welcome, Masters and Aprentices, to The Forge, the place for true brotherhood and fellowship.
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    Welcome to The Forge!
    (established 10/25/2022)

    The place for brotherhood, companionship, fellowship, and much more!

    So take a seat, turn on some music to your liking, and be what makes us The Forge.


    We'll host several of events with a medieval or similar theme, but there is plenty else you can do here that's more casual!

    Submit your themed art, ideas, and other creative works so that you may help grow this fantastic clan.


    We are warriors, artists, smiths, apprentices, artisans, masters at our craft and with enough determination, you can become one as well.


    We all hope that here, you may have a fiery, fantastic, and fruitful time.


    Take your pick of song and ask the bard if he may play it :

    βš”οΈSong Of Swordβš”οΈ

    🎢Song Of Solumn🎢

    Please be sure to find out how to properly join, you can find the info in the FAQ to the right!

  • FAQs

    What is The Forge?
    If the About Page wasn't clear for you, we are a group focused on a Medieval/Blacksmithing/High Adventure themed content as well as a simple community for fans of such ideas to commune.
    How do I join?
    1. Read through FAQ, About, and the four classes at the bottom of the page

    2. Decide a class (BlackSmith, WhiteSmith, RedSmith, YellowSmith)

    3. Comment in the guest book that you would like to join and what class you want to be

    4. Wait to be accepted/Invited! (If you are not invited within 48 hours then you may ask again, but otherwise please be patient.)
    Who can join?
    Anyone can!

    Even if you aren't very involved in this group, you are still welcome to claim your title as a member of The Forge!
    What are ranks?
    Ranks are how you 'level up' as an individual member of The Forge.

    Based on different metals and materials, there are many special ranks that you can become!

    You can become a higher rank mostly through involvement, although there are specific tasks that can be completed to help boost your potential further!
    What am I allowed to do on here?
    Unfortunately, this is still a new group and thus we are still trying to focus what The Forge is meant to create-

    For now, just follow the PMC rules and only post things that fit the theme of our beautiful Forge!
    What am I NOT allowed to do on here?
    Well as said earlier you must follow the PMC rules at all times-

    I also don't want anything political, religious, or anything that could easily stir up an argument (This includes promoting of religions, LGBT, or political standpoints. I respect anyone's opinions on these matters, but we are meant for another purpose, and there are other places to post such things. Although if something that you post is within parameters and subtly includes content that relates to those topics, then it should be fine!)

    We do want a bunch of involvement on here, but that doesn't mean you should spam! Please try and keep your posts nicely spaced out so that we can let anyone have a good chance of being seen!

    But there is one rule of UTMOST importance, one that you must ALWAYS do no matter what-

    Have fun!

    Why do people keep commenting registered under wall posts and content?
    It's a note to other councilmen that prestige has been given to the poster(s) for this content, that way people don't get more prestige than they should.

    (Also, if you can't read the question on the group page, view the full FAQ.)
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  • βš”οΈThe Colosseumβš”οΈ

    ο»ΏSuit up, soldier, it's your time to enter the ring.


    Enter The Colosseum, a competitive arena where all contests and casual events will be officially hosted.

    Anyone will be able to participate, not just members of The Forge.

    Although anyone can enter, members will be able to gain Prestige to rank up and gain other benefits.

    Featured Event :

    Embers of the Forge lll: Rebirth Jam has ended!
    It can be found here.
  • πŸ›‘οΈThe Smith's ShoppeπŸ—‘οΈ

    Welcome, traveler. Looking for supplies? We should have whatever you need in our fine Smith's Shoppe. Simply ask, and you shall receive.


    Welcome to out lovely shoppe! Here ya'll can ask for requests of art, skins, or other things that fit the theme of The Forge.

    It can be just about anything you want within the theme-

    And even in a specific style if you want! (but depending on what you request it might take some time due to availability)

    It will be done in order dependent on these three elements-

    Time (First come first serve!)

    Availability (This is dependent on both the style it is as well as who can do it)

    And Size (The bigger the project the longer it takes)

    Current Requests :

    A chestplate for Luminous Gang
  • 🧀The Lazy Gauntlet Tavern🧀

    Take a seat over there, and welcome to our beautiful Lazy Gauntlet Tavern! Take a drink while your meal awaits-


    Welcome one, welcome all! Here is our meeting place in which we reside.

    Grab a drink and an appetizer while we announce our latecomings!

    But anyways this will act as an epicenter for all smiths to chat and it will be used as a news/bulletin board for upcoming events.

    All rules for both PMC and The Forge do apply, so please follow them and be respectful!

    Latest News :

    As we mourn our founders departure, ο»Ώ
    ο»Ώa jam is being made in his honor.

    9-29-2023: The Embers of the Forge II Jam has been made! (Link in the name, by the way.) If you notice, the Jam page is formatted identically to the Embers of the Forge Jam from last year, even reusing the description widgets and some of the FAQ questions, with minor edits.
  • πŸ“œQuest BoardπŸ“œ

    Those who are brave enough struggle to complete the many tasks that this town needs finished for it to live, but it's a struggle well worth it.


    This will be The Forge's to-do list, in essence

    There will be a list of things that need to be completed that members will be able to do-ο»Ώ

    Uncompleted Quests :
    Create a suit of armor for a member or your choice (15p)
    Craft a weapon for at least two people (15p)
    Contact another group and offer them something you've created! (10p)
    Attempt a different kind of smithing (5p)

  • ⚜️The List Of Honoured⚜️

    Many claim to be of great title, but there is only one list that may show who is truly worthy of honor and recognition.ο»Ώ


    This is where all spotlights will be shone and all achievements will be recognized.

    Obviously, not everyone can get on here, so it will be limited to a few certain things.

    This includes ranking up, winning contests, or even just being selected for a specific thing you did that we want to recognize.

    ο»Ώ(We might add birthdays and other cordial events in but we're not entirely sure)

    Honour Reel :

    TheCrypteral, for being our founder and an excellent leader

    LogMaiden, for her incredible and outstandingly well-made forgings
  • Spare Items

    Various art and projects will be featured here!

    Titan by KaiOceansword

    The Forge Official flag by _Computerman_Titan_
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  • Spare Items

    Various art and projects will be featured here!

    Memory by KaiOceansword
    A tribute to TheCrypteral

    the forge sheild [sic]ο»Ώ by CraZGuy360