Huntress (Villager profession variant) Minecraft Skin
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Huntress (Villager profession variant)

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DaCouchPotato avatar DaCouchPotato
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
The huntress is the butcher of jungle villages. Since the dense forestation of the jungle doesn't really allow for keeping poultry, the huntress shoots down wild animals to feed her village.
Both her arrows and her skinning dagger are laced with a mixture of weakness and slowness potion, to make hunting easier and kill the animals in a more humane way. The blue patch under her eyes are lingering potions of night vision, which she applies when she hunts at night. She wears the skull of a vicious ram-tiger on her head as a prized trophy.
I debated whether to turn the leopard skin on her into camouflage, but I wanted to keep with the vanilla minecraft theme, and so I ended up deciding against it.

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02/03/2020 2:42 am
Level 35 : Artisan uwu
NightJasian avatar
wow,the skull look really cool
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