Miner (Villager profession)

Miner (Villager profession) Minecraft Skin
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avatar DaCouchPotato
Level 26 : Expert Blockhead
The miner spawns near mineshafts that are around villages. These mineshafts are more intact as they are still in use. The miner trades all things related to mining, from ore to minecarts and different rocks.
The headlight is mos likely lit by coal rather than with electricity, as the level of technology is low in minecraft villages. I made the miner's face dusty and ale as he works underground for the better part of the day. The handles of his tools are dark oak, which make up mineshafts in the Badlands, but this could change as the miner spawns in different biomes.
I'v hidden something under his arms. enlarge him from the back to see it!
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