Pangare Horse pattern Minecraft Skin
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Pangare Horse pattern

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From the cute horse skins collection!
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Pangare Horse pattern Minecraft Mob Skin
The pangare pattern is actually linked to wild horse traits and patterning and is believed to be a type of protective blending factor, in which the horse would blend with the surroundings. It is very present in the only fully wild horses alive to this day, the Przewalsky's Horse, as well as some types of willd asinus.
The trait produces areas of lighter hairs, ranging from white to light tan, on the horse's underbelly, the inside of the legs, around the muzzle and around the eyes. This light area can also extend as much as the underside of the neck, the behinf the elbow and legs, all the way to the hoof, up the flanks and the buttock. Oftenly horses portraying the pangare pattern will be called "meally".
In reallity, pangare won't show on black horses, only on bay, chestnut and dilutions, but without any mods this will make some rather impossible combinations.

The Textures to add the markings in game ;)
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~Pangare Horse pattern Minecraft Mob Skin~
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~Pangare Horse pattern Minecraft Mob Skin~

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