Aged Nedoceratops Minecraft Skin

This Mob Skin is an entry in the completed Prehistoric Minecraft Mob Skin Contest.

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Aged Nedoceratops

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Audio Beat's Avatar Audio Beat
Level 17 : Journeyman Skinner
Entry for Contest: Prehistoric Minecraft Mob Skin Contest

"This is Nedoceratops, the first name of this dinosaur is Diceratops this name was officially change to Nedoceratops. The family of this dinosaur is Ceratopsidae, the most popular dinosaur in this family is Triceratops, Diceratops have only 2 Horn, one horn is on the head and one horn are same exact position with the other horn! This is also a strong creature where they can use they own Horn to defend themselves against hostile as known as Carnivore, using they horn can cause alot of damage to the hostile or whoever disturb them! Yep dinosaur is a really cool creature on the planet, even if you want to see it in real life I don't think so. If the dinosaur still exist it's hard to build city or make your own country because they are alot of dinosaur still alive on the planet, I don't want to get charge by them! And we are lucky to see this huge creature with extreme weapon they had already when born."
- Expert Scientist

Tips: You can see they skull attached body to body in this dinosaur (ravager) body when you remove some body part, if you want to know you can download the skin and then go to PMCSKIN3D Edit skin > Upload This Skin & Model change to Ravager > Go to Visible Part > Remove whatever body part you want > Done!

(Update #1: Skin & Name Changed
The skin has been updated, thank you everyone for supporting my work on this skin, it took a long time and worth it even if it's hard or not! Here is the new version of the Diceratops skin, had to change Triceratops to Diceratops because it fits well on Diceratops look.

Update #2: Skin & Name Changed
Yep, the skin mob got updated again for some reason :/ also this one has color than the other one! Also it's name has been changed to Nedoceratops because this is the official name of Diceratops, also a family of Ceratopsidae! Thank you liking my project thank you for everyone that support me, I appreciate with diamonds and heart, also reply!)

2 Update Logs

Update #2: Skin & Name Changed : by Audio Beat 09/17/2021 8:33:07 amSep 17th, 2021

Yeah I didn't realize how much I spend to be on the contest list, and skin, names and even dinosaur for me to find a perfect one for this skin mob! Also this has top color and bottom color on the body part! Spend maybe 4 days on this (I guess) or maybe a week I don't remember what the time I make this skin, also if you want to support me into the Prehistoric Minecraft Mob Skin Contest, feel free to diamond and heart it if you want so! See you on the next contest or event!

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09/23/2021 7:04 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus's Avatar
Ohoho I really love how you've made the sockets and cavities of the skull visible in the skin. Awesome job!
09/09/2021 2:08 am
Level 25 : Expert Sus
-IQ's Avatar
09/08/2021 10:12 pmhistory
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
Da_Trixta's Avatar
You mean Biceratops... right?
09/08/2021 10:20 pmhistory
Level 17 : Journeyman Skinner
Audio Beat
Audio Beat's Avatar
I don't really who what is Biceratops, is that a dinosaur family of Ceratopsidae or something?
09/08/2021 10:42 pm
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
Da_Trixta's Avatar
That was a joke about the Tri(three)ceratops having only two horns, making a Bi(two)ceratops
09/08/2021 9:01 pm
Level 26 : Expert Procrastinator
Karulew's Avatar
Hey this looks awesome! I was originally going to do a triceratops ravager but then I saw how many pixels there were and just noped out lol. You did a better job than I ever would have!
09/08/2021 9:38 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Skinner
Audio Beat
Audio Beat's Avatar
And yeah the nose was supposed to be triceratops mouth or lips I guess.
09/08/2021 9:37 pmhistory
Level 17 : Journeyman Skinner
Audio Beat
Audio Beat's Avatar
I appreciate it, but at what cost still looks not great enough you wonder why I said that? It's because the primary legs is not same as the second legs, second legs looks great but the primary legs looks very messy, if you don't understand what I'm saying, I'm agree because I still try to learn to speak English.
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